Comedy series «Hold on for Dear Life» will be funded by cryptocurrencies

In August 2021, Beacon Pictures plans to begin filming the sitcom “Hold on for Dear Life” in Puerto Rico.

A unique feature is that part of the profits from the motion picture will be tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, investors will receive their share of cryptocurrency assets in proportion to the size of the investment at the stage of creating the series. In addition, the production studio Beacon Pictures will release NFT based on the TV series — non-fungible tokens for sale to fans and investors.

The series was created by pseudo-anonymous crypto insider Suhh Toshee, who has contributed to the writers’ room. It is produced by Beacon Pictures’ Mark Pennell and MAP Group’s Christina Martin and Massimiliano Musina, whose credits include the Nicolas Cage feature Primal.

“Crypto is about community. The show is an extension of that community. So, we embraced the innovation by creating an opportunity for crypto entrepreneurs to participate in a show that reflects many of their own stories,” Pennell said. “As far as I know, this is the first mainstream TV show to be financed by Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

The “Hold on for Dear Life” scenario will be built around a group of crypto entrepreneurs who are creating their own cryptocurrency. The series will feature the founder of the blockchain company Sense Crystal Rose, investor Jeremy Gardner and billionaire Tim Draper.