Crypto Enthusiast Bought 10 Thousand Pizzas on Bitcoin Pizza Day

Crypto enthusiast and investor from Romania Daniel Nita celebrated the anniversary of the first purchase of goods for BTC in a very original way. He purchased 10 thousand pizzas for 1.01 BTC (about $27.4 thousand at the time of writing).

He made the order at the Vintage Pub Bucharest, which is located in Bucharest. Taking into account the entire amount, we can conclude that one pizza in this institution costs about $ 2.7 (only 100 UAH).

Nita posted the confirmation on his Twitter page. His publication attracted the attention of the community, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

He even promised to try the local pizza when he was in Romania. Interestingly, now, 13 years after the first sale of goods for BTC, 10 thousand pizzas cost only 1.01 bitcoins.

Recall that in May 2010, a programmer from Florida paid as much as 10 thousand BTC, which at that time was $25, for just two pizzas. This clearly demonstrates how much the value of bitcoin has changed over the years.

It is noteworthy that Nita paid for the order with a mobile phone through the Binance Pay service. The transaction was completed quickly and without delay.

What Nita intends to do with so many pizzas is still unknown. Most likely, he distributed them on the streets of Bucharest.