Crypto Wealth Fuels Surge in Apple’s Vision Pro Adoption at Solana’s mtnDAO Hub

In Salt Lake City, the mtnDAO community, the largest community-run coworking meetup for the Solana blockchain, is witnessing a surge in the adoption of Apple’s Vision Pro headsets, fueled by airdrop riches and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

At this month-long coworking event, over 20 attendees, primarily independent tech workers in the crypto industry, have invested in the pricey Vision Pro headsets, costing upwards of $5,000 with accessories. The event showcases a unique convergence of geeks and wealth, providing a glimpse into the potential future of spatial computing envisioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Unlike typical sponsored events, mtnDAO’s organic growth serves as a future-of-work laboratory, offering a real-world setting where individuals work, play, socialize, and even eat while wearing the Vision Pro headsets. The attendees, largely working on crypto-related projects for the future of finance, are financially empowered by crypto riches, particularly SOL, Solana’s flagship token, which has experienced a significant rally.

The affordability of Vision Pros among these tech-savvy individuals is attributed to crypto riches, and SOL’s performance has played a crucial role in this accessibility. Additionally, airdrops, where blockchain projects reward early users with tokens, have contributed to attendees receiving substantial amounts of cryptocurrency, further facilitating their ability to purchase these high-end headsets.

The informal setting at mtnDAO has led to an organic ripple effect, inspiring more individuals to invest in Vision Pro headsets. The event has become a hotbed for creating compelling experiences for the Vision Pro, with some attendees building programs specifically for the device. The short-term plan involves developing spatial video games, which could later extend into professional applications, such as character avatars for Vision Pro users.

The use of Vision Pro in an office environment is described as powerful by attendees, offering a seamless transition between immersive work experiences and the distractions of the physical surroundings. This unique gathering exemplifies the intersection of cutting-edge technology, crypto wealth, and entrepreneurial spirit, creating an environment where Apple’s Vision Pro headsets are more than just a device – they represent a symbol of the ongoing evolution in spatial computing and the future of work.