Elon Musk Unleashes Tommy Gun Magazine on CyberTruck in Daring Test

In a rather unconventional approach, Elon Musk recently revealed that Tesla conducted a test involving firing an entire Tommy Gun drum magazine at the formidable CyberTruck. What’s even more intriguing is Musk’s assertion that not a single bullet managed to breach the vehicle’s passenger side.

Musk’s revelation came in response to a post showcasing a Tesla CyberTruck with what appeared to be bullet holes adorning its flank. The original poster suggested that the vehicle seemed to have undergone bulletproof testing, a claim Musk confirmed in a subsequent comment.

Elon Musk, undeniably one of the most polarizing figures in the realm of modern technology, possesses an unconventional method that has often overshadowed the stature of his innovations. The recent revelation about Tesla’s testing methods only adds to the enigmatic aura surrounding him.

In a truly unique fashion, Musk detailed how Tesla had expended an entire Tommy Gun drum magazine into the driver’s door, evoking imagery akin to Al Capone. He went on to emphasize that not a single bullet managed to pierce the passenger side of the vehicle.

Among the roster of cutting-edge products that Tesla has brought to the market, the CyberTruck stands as one of the most audacious endeavors. Musk himself has referred to the CyberTruck as “a product that comes around once in a blue moon.” Yet, he hasn’t shied away from discussing the logistical intricacies that come with manufacturing the quarter-million units Tesla aims to produce by 2025.

The development of this electric truck has been fraught with what Musk describes as “monumental challenges.” Nonetheless, it remains one of the most eagerly awaited offerings, owing to its technological innovations and unconventional design. Originally slated for a 2021 release after its announcement in 2019, manufacturing complications have led to a multitude of delays.