Empower Your Business with 0xProcessing: The Ultimate Crypto Payment Solution

Cryptocurrency is confidently entering our lives. 40% of consumers aged 18-35 prefer to use digital assets payments. If you want to grow your business and its capabilities, then you need a crypto payment system on your website.

Let’s get acquainted with 0xProcessing, your main partner in the world of cryptocurrency payments.

Who is 0xProcessing for?

The service is designed for a variety of clients who want to or already accept payments online. Among the main such clients are participants in the #Gambling, #GameFi, #E-commerce, and #Forex sectors.

0xProcessing is a payment tool that allows you to grow and expand your business. If you have thought about:

  • worldwide payments without geographical limitations
  • favorable transaction fees
  • high payment processing speed
  • attracting additional clients to your business
  • payment security

then 0xProcessing is your key to payment and financial freedom.

What is 0xProcessing?

0xProcessing is a crypto payment gateway with a focus on security and high payment conversion. It is a processing tool that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide and, if desired, convert them into fiat currencies such as USD or EUR.

The service’s top priority is the security of client assets. That’s why 0xProcessing operates based on its own technological solutions, which help avoid risks from third parties, ensure a high level of transaction reliability, and protect against the loss of funds and data. The service features several levels of protection, from 2FA to 5FA. In addition, 0xProcessing undergoes regular external audits.

A great deal of attention in 0xProcessing is given to the convenience of working with the service. The user-friendly interface of the payment form is designed for user comfort and high customer conversion. 0xProcessing offers a white-label option, allowing businesses to create a payment form tailored to their specific design, providing organic integration of the service and convenience for customers.

What does 0xProcessing offer?

0xProcessing offers 4 ways to conduct transactions, with 2 additional methods planned to be introduced this year.


Using crypto payments helps avoid geographical limitations and long transaction approval times by banks. It also ensures asset and data security, as well as anonymity. 0xProcessing offers multiple methods for receiving crypto payments:

  • Fixed amount payments

Classic payment form with fixed amount that you set. The payment amount can only be changed by you.

  • Non-fixed amount payments

With a payment form without a fixed amount, your client can make a payment of any amount not less than the set minimum.

  • Static wallet payments

Unlike other wallets, a static wallet has a constant, unchanging address. Direct payments to such a wallet simplify the payment process and minimize errors.

  • Custom payment form

You can give the client complete freedom and allow them to generate their own payment form by filling in data from a link you provide.


Web 3 wallets are more advanced methods for receiving crypto payments that enhance the convenience of making payments for both you and your clients.

The client can make payments through a widget on the website or in a mobile wallet. Payment is made through smart contracts using liquidity pools. This technology allows for payments to be made in just a few clicks, while maintaining transparency and transaction security at a high level.

#Recurring Payment 

Recurring payments will be of interest to businesses operating on a subscription model. This tool allows for the automation of payment processes and the receipt of regular payments from clients.

Like Web 3, recurring payments work based on smart contracts. You only need to set its terms: subscription period and payment amount. The payment process is automated, eliminating concerns about payment failures or errors.

#Crypto-Fiat withdrawals

In 0xProcessing, clients can not only receive payments in cryptocurrency but also, if they wish, withdraw them to a regular bank account in fiat currency. How it works:

  • Your client makes a payment in cryptocurrency, for example, BTC
  • 0xProcessing converts the payment and transfers it to your bank account using SWIFT & SEPA
  • You receive the payment immediately in fiat currency, for example, USD

Releases 2024


Direct card-to-card payments help speed up the transaction process. Your client sends the payment by card number, and 0xProcessing, upon confirmation of receiving the payment, immediately transfers it to your account.

#Mass payouts

Automating payouts to a large number of recipients increases the convenience of this process and helps avoid errors and delays.

Why choose 0xProcessing?

0xProcessing offers:

50+ cryptocurrencies

13 blockchains

18 stablecoins

And a whole range of perks that make the service top-notch:

  • Entrance fee. What’s that?

0xProcessing charges a one-sided fee only when depositing funds. All other operations from conversion to withdrawal are not subject to fees from 0xProcessing.

  • Quick integration

Sign up, integrate the service via API, and start accepting payments

  • Asset protection from volatility

The Volatility Risk Control System is a proprietary development of 0xProcessing that protects funds from volatility through automatic conversion of assets into stablecoins. This feature is available to all 0xProcessing clients and does not require additional payment.

  • Transparent analytics

Your personal account will have a built-in dashboard with clear and understandable transaction analytics. Additionally, attentive managers can send you a personalized report monthly.

  • Personal managers

Managers who are always available to answer any questions about your business in your preferred messaging apps.

Why trust 0xProcessing?

3+ years in the market: experience and respect

300+ satisfied clients in various industries

$500M+ turnover: trust and security

Still have doubts?

Let’s remind a couple of features of crypto payments with 0xProcessing 

  • No geographical limitations. Fast transactions. Low fees.
  • Complete security. Proprietary blockchain infrastructure. Protection from third-party risks. 2FA-5FA. Anonymity.
  • No risk of money loss. VRCS converts crypto to stablecoins, protecting assets from volatility.

Join 0xProcessing and let your business reach cosmic heights.

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