FC Barcelona’s Women’s Team Scores Global Attention with Revolutionary NFT Launch

FC Barcelona Women’s Team Partners with World of Women for Revolutionary NFT Unveiling

Breaking Barriers: FC Barcelona’s Latest NFT Collaboration Celebrates Spanish Football Star Alexia Putellas

FC Barcelona, the renowned European football franchise, has joined forces with NFT collection World of Women to unveil the second digital masterpiece in their exclusive “Masterpiece” collection.

Dubbed “Empowerment,” this one-of-a-kind NFT has been crafted by the talented artist Rhi Madeline from World of Women. The highly sought-after artwork will be up for auction on the OpenSea marketplace from June 26 to June 28, allowing enthusiasts to secure this unique piece.

Inspired by the remarkable achievements of Spanish soccer player Alexia Putellas, who played a pivotal role in Barcelona’s triumph over German team Wolfsburg in the Women’s Champions League semi-final game in April 2022, the NFT pays tribute to the historic victory that captivated nearly 92,000 viewers.

Expressing her pride, Putellas stated, “Being a part of FC Barcelona, our soccer team, fills me with immense pride. This new Masterpiece not only allows me to be a part of history but also encapsulates the essence of what Barça represents.”

Diana-Luk Ye, the Web3 Partnerships and Marketing Manager at World of Women, emphasized the collection’s mission to empower women and non-binary individuals within the Web3 space and beyond. She shared, “Our participation in the Masterpiece collection reinforces our commitment to addressing the issue of representation. Masterpiece number two, which honors Alexia, embodies strength, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of success. It’s a natural extension of our mission to support and uplift others.”

The fortunate owner of the Empowerment NFT will not only possess this remarkable digital artwork but will also enjoy a range of FC Barcelona benefits. These include an exclusive opportunity to meet Alexia Putellas in person, a pair of autographed soccer cleats, and a physical chair from Barcelona Stadium Spotify Camp Nou, accompanied by a signed portrait of Putellas by acclaimed artist Oscar Tusquets.

This announcement follows FC Barcelona’s introduction of their inaugural NFT, “In a Way, Immortal,” in 2022. Paying homage to the late football legend Johan Cruyff, the first masterpiece in the collection garnered significant attention, with auction house Sotheby’s acquiring it for nearly $700,000.

FC Barcelona continues to embrace the digital realm through these groundbreaking NFT collaborations, celebrating the rich heritage of the club while honoring its extraordinary players and devoted fans.