FTX exchange confirmed theft of $ 413 million worth of cryptocurrencies

In a report sent to creditors on January 17, the bankrupt FTX exchange confirmed  theft of $413 million worth of cryptocurrency from its platform.

According to the company, hackers stole $323 million worth of digital assets from the FTX international platform, and the American representative office lost $90 million worth of coins.

We are talking about a cyberattack that occurred in November 2022 after the exchange filed for bankruptcy. Then representatives of the organization reported the theft of virtual currency for about $ 600 million, but in December, American prosecutors began investigating the theft of digital assets worth only $ 370 million.

Law enforcement agencies allegedly managed to block some of the coins stolen from FTX on centralized trading platforms, but the lion’s share of assets was exchanged for Ethereum (ETH) on decentralized exchanges and laundered through mixers.

At the same time, FTX employees managed to gain access to cryptocurrency, cash and liquid securities worth $ 5 billion. These assets are used to repay debts to creditors that exceed $ 3 billion.