GameStop Shares Skyrocket as Roaring Kitty Resurfaces


In a stunning turn of events, GameStop’s stock experienced a meteoric rise of 110% during Monday’s trading session, reminiscent of the 2021 short squeeze frenzy. This surge was fueled by the unexpected resurfacing of Keith Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty, the catalyst behind the video game retailer’s historic stock rally three years ago.

Roaring Kitty’s Enigmatic Return

Gill, who had been silent on social media since 2021, made a dramatic comeback by posting a series of cryptic videos and images on X (formerly Twitter). His posts included references to films and TV shows, hinting at the return of the trader whose influence ignited the GameStop stock frenzy.

One of Gill’s posts depicted a man leaning back in his chair, suggesting a relaxed and confident demeanor. This subtle gesture reignited speculation about his potential involvement in the GameStop saga once again.

GameStop’s Meteoric Rise and Trading Halts

As news of Roaring Kitty’s resurgence spread, GameStop’s stock price skyrocketed, prompting multiple trading halts throughout the day. The video game retailer’s shares surged by an astonishing 110%, reflecting the market’s excitement and anticipation.

The surge in GameStop’s stock price echoed the events of 2021 when Gill’s online posts about the company’s potential sparked a massive short squeeze, causing significant losses for prominent investment firms that had shorted the stock.

Ripple Effect on Other Stocks

The impact of Roaring Kitty’s return extended beyond GameStop, as other stocks also experienced significant gains. AMC Entertainment Holdings, another company that garnered attention during the 2021 meme stock frenzy, saw its shares rise by as much as 33%.

Conversely, short sellers suffered substantial losses, estimated at around $1 billion, as GameStop’s stock price soared. This development mirrored the financial turmoil experienced by hedge funds during the 2021 short squeeze, when they were forced to cover their short positions at exorbitant prices.

As the market digests this unexpected turn of events, investors and analysts alike are closely monitoring the situation, speculating on the potential implications of Roaring Kitty’s resurgence and its impact on the broader market.