Hacker Forces is Protecting Ukrainian Digital Infrastructure

The white hat hackers Hacker Forces are actively fighting against Russia in cyberspace. IT specialists and common users are actively joining the movement to stop Russian aggression and save thousands of lives in Ukraine.

The Hacker Forces is functioning in two main directions:

Protecting Ukrainian digital infrastructure against Russian cyberattacks.

Ethical hackers can participate in the recently launched “Call for Ukrainian Cyber Defense” Program providing for finding and reporting on vulnerabilities in the Ukrainian digital infrastructure. The information provided by researchers will be communicated to the Ukrainian authorities. By eliminating high severity vulnerabilities in its digital infrastructure Ukraine can prevent the dissemination of fake information among its citizens by Russian information forces.

Fighting against Russian propaganda.
Owners of devices can participate in massive DDoS attacks targeting Russian propaganda websites and digital infrastructure. The detailed information on how to participate in DDoS attacks against Russian propaganda is available at: https://t.me/disBalancer_Official

Results of the first few days of the powerful DDoS attack against Russia


Assisting Ukrainian cyber forces in fighting against the Russian propaganda machine

HackenProof has launched the program called “Call for Exploits”. This program provides for reporting on vulnerabilities in Russian propaganda or infrastructure websites. Users do not need to exploit these flaws. Hacker Forces just asks white hat hackers to report any useful information regarding the detected security issues. All findings are communicated to the Ukrainian cyber forces. They are professionals who know how to use this data.

For the last few days, the focus of the global hacker community has been made on attacking Russian digital space. However, Russia also has a large number of hackers employed by its military and security structures. And Russia is also actively attacking Ukraine in the digital space. That is why Hacker Forces has launched its second Exploits Research Program on the HackenProof platform. Ukraine is resisting both physically and digitally and the role of the international ethical hacker community is to contribute to strengthening this resistance.

Why does it matter to protect digital infrastructure?

Russia is preparing a powerful information attack against Ukraine. Such an attack requires compromising major elements of the country’s digital infrastructure to take temporary control over key media channels to disseminate fakes among Ukrainians to damage their moral conditions and motivation to continue fighting for freedom and the European future. The purpose of the Hacker Forces is not to allow Russia to reach its terrorist goals. Ukrainian Military Forces will stop Russia physically, Ukrainian Hacker Forces will stop Russia digitally.