How the New Bull Run Will Change the Crypto Landscape

The moment has arrived – the Bitcoin halving is complete, with the reward for mining reduced from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC per block. The crypto community has long anticipated this moment, as it’s always had a major impact on the market.

The BTC halving history chart shows a pattern of bullish sentiment every four years, so we might be entering the heated crypto season. This article will explore the changes and opportunities that come with the BTC halving.

Crypto Bull Run Prediction: What to Expect?

Halving is primarily designated for maintaining BTC scarcity. It reduces the supply of coins entering the market, triggering a price surge. The crypto bull run prediction after the halving is optimistic: Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency with the biggest market cap, so its bull run impacts the whole crypto landscape. It makes other coins rise in value and opens huge market opportunities for investors.

Making the Most of the Next Crypto Bull Run

Many crypto aficionados get fully prepared, and when the market turns green, their portfolio is full of promising crypto assets ready to skyrocket. In such a scenario, they just have to figure out the right moment for selling, multiplying the initial investments many times.

However, even if you lost an opportunity to buy the dip, we are still at the beginning of the next crypto bull run. Most cryptocurrencies are far from their peak price and can still make a worthy investment. Besides, once you sell high, you can increase your profits by joining various incentives offered by iGaming platforms.

Let’s take Fairspin, a leading blockchain-based gaming platform, as an example. It offers an extensive library of over 7,500 games from top providers with innovative features, high RTPs, and enticing gameplay. The platform regularly announces record wins, highlighting fair game enabled through blockchain technology.

Apart from game wins, users can increase their profits through rakeback, staking, and other offerings centered around TFS Token. Read on to learn more about Fairspin’s native token and how it can help you grow your capital.

TFS Token: A Go-To for Passive Income

TFS Token is an ERC20/BEP20 digital asset that underpins every Fairspin incentive. Each newly registered user automatically gets 200 TFS and can unlock a welcome pack of up to 450 TFS + 140 FS for the first four deposits.

The idea is that users are rewarded with TFS all the way through their interaction with the platform. So, there are multiple ways to receive and multiply tokens, ranging from daily and weekly cashback and ending with Liquidity Staking.

Play to Earn

All players return a certain percentage of their bet for real funds, whether it loses or wins. The percentage of rakeback depends on the game type. For example, for slots, it’s 0.2%, while for video poker, it’s 0.08%. Thus, any game result will surely replenish your balance with some TFS.


Eager players may want to join numerous tournaments, both internal and from game providers, at Fairpsin. Top performers are rewarded with generous prize pools reaching millions of dollars.

Loyalty Program

Signing up at Fairspin means immediately joining the 10-level loyalty program. New users start from the “Player” level, gradually climbing higher and accessing more perks. Those can include daily and weekly cashback with and without wagering requirements and a staking limit coefficient.

The top level is the “VIP Club Platinum Card”, guaranteeing 10% daily cashback with no wager, 5% weekly cashback with no wager, 50% weekly cashback with a 60x wager, and the staking limit of Play to Earn × 15,000.

Hold to Earn

Once users own some TFS, they can stake them and receive passive income. The Hold to Earn program offers plans for 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days. Once the holding period is over, the holder will receive interest, constituting their share of the general platform’s profit for the given time.

The reward equals a percentage of Fairspin’s GGR × user’s share × time multiplier. So, the more tokens a holder contributes, the higher their potential income. It’s risk-free, as users will get their funds back even if the platform’s profit is zero for the specified period.

Another option is Liquidity Staking, which allows users to hold their crypto as long as they wish and withdraw any sum at any time. Here, they add TFS and USDT to the staking pool, increasing its liquidity.

Final Thoughts

The crypto bull run 2024 opens up numerous opportunities for investors. As BTC rises in price, other cryptos follow its lead amid the post-having frenzy. Throughout the bullish market, investors can finally reap profits by selling high and further multiplying their income through opportunities offered in the world of iGaming.

The blockchain-based Fairspin platform provides transparent ways to receive and multiply its native TFS Token. Play games for rakeback, join tournaments, and stake your crypto – rewards are waiting at every corner!