In Canada, robbers began to break into the homes of crypto investors en masse

The police department of the municipalities of Richmond and the Delta agglomeration of Vancouver reported that over the past year, large cryptocurrency investors are increasingly becoming victims of robbers.

The criminals knew in advance that the victims of the attack had invested a large amount of funds in digital assets, Canadian law enforcement officials say. The attackers managed to find out the place of residence, after which they attacked crypto investors in their own homes.

The police did not provide details about the number of stolen cryptocurrencies. However, it is known that the attackers posed as couriers or civil servants. Having entered the house, the violators took away personal information from the victims, which allowed them to gain access to crypto assets.

The police warn that the only protection against such attacks is not to let suspicious people into the house. You can ask the courier to leave the parcel outside or call the organization to confirm the identity of the employee. If a person refuses to leave, despite requests, it is better to call the police right away. Local residents are advised to keep financial information in a safe place and try not to discuss their investments on social networks.

“If you or someone you know has been a victim of robberies, call the police. You may have important information that will help our investigators,” Sergeant Jill Long announced.

Recently, the US police found two 17-year-old teenagers from Canada who stole $ 4 million in bitcoins and ether from an American. The criminals posed as employees of the support service of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.