Invisible Eggs: A Paradigm Shift in NFT Community Building

Majed (MJ) Atwi’s brainchild, Invisible Eggs, recently soared to popularity by amassing millions of views on social media. The initial announcement of this innovative project garnered over 10 million views within just 48 hours. However, what initially began as a viral sensation quickly transformed into a vortex of aggressive critiques following a revealing report by dappGambl, shedding light on the precarious aspects of the NFT market. Below are the metrics for Majed’s Invisible Eggs video and the numbers it raked on TikTok.

In this article, we will explore the transformative journey of Invisible Eggs, led by MJ Atwi,  in their journey to transform adversity into an opportunity to redefine NFT community building. Majeed’s goal is to transform an industry whose projected revenue should hit $1.6 B by the end of this year and 3.16 B by 2027.

Who is Majed (MJ) Atwi?

Majed Atwi, a visionary entrepreneur, has been a key player in the cryptocurrency domain since as early as 2011-2012. With a golden touch in crypto ventures, his narrative is nothing short of remarkable. From pioneering investments to influential roles in blockchain projects, MJ Atwi’s expertise in the crypto space is undeniable. His journey could be elaborated upon at length, a testament to his experience and success in the industry.

When faced with harsh criticism and scepticism, Invisible Eggs, led by MJ Atwi, rather than viewing the critiques as a setback, saw it as a catalyst to air out their ingenious reforms for the NFT sector. The feedback spanned from FUD to openly adversarial, signalling a tumultuous start for the endeavour. Nevertheless, as the adage goes, any kind of attention can be advantageous when effectively channelled.

Invisible Egg’s new blueprint in 2023 marks an important milestone for the industry, aimed at ushering in a new era in NFT community formation.  Invisible Eggs exemplifies the potential of community-centric models as a guiding beacon towards a sustainable and inclusive NFT future. Actionable reforms in Majed Atwi’s plan include each of the following :

Invisible Eggs Blueprint Reforms

Democratized NFT Acquisition

Invisible Eggs introduced a groundbreaking concept – democratized NFT acquisition. In stark contrast to the prevalent model where NFTs are bought and sold at exorbitant prices, Invisible Eggs distributed NFTs for free, effectively mitigating entry barriers and fostering a wide base of stakeholders. This bold move was a testament to their commitment to inclusivity.

Exclusive Club Access

NFT holders were granted exclusive access to a club that brought like-minded individuals together under the banner of Invisible Eggs. This community-centric approach aimed to foster collaboration, creativity, and shared experiences among its members, setting it apart from the traditional NFT landscape.

Golden Egg

The Community Beacon: The Golden Egg occupied a special place within the Invisible Eggs ecosystem. It was the only NFT available for sale, and its holder ascended as the community’s figurehead among a total of 5001 eggs. This unique concept not only created a sense of leadership but also contributed to the community’s sense of identity and purpose.

Community Privileges

Invisible Eggs went a step further by offering an array of privileges to its community members. This included a luxurious Dubai hub serving as a rendezvous for exclusive gatherings and events, participatory investment pools where NFTs acted as stakes, and exclusive merchandise partnerships with renowned brands, resulting in a bespoke line of Invisible Eggs apparel. These privileges aimed to enhance the overall experience of being part of the Invisible Eggs community.


The journey of Invisible Eggs, spearheaded by Majed Atwi, is a testament to the audacity to confront adversities, the genius in adaptive strategising, and the unyielding spirit of community that propels innovation in the NFT space. By redefining NFT acquisition, granting exclusive club access, and elevating the significance of the Golden Egg, Invisible Eggs has set a new standard for community-centric NFT projects.

In a world where exclusivity has often overshadowed the true essence of community, this project serves as a shining example of how NFTs can be more than digital collectibles – they can be the building blocks of a vibrant, collaborative, and inclusive ecosystem, where everyone has a stake and a voice.

As we move forward into uncharted territory in the NFT realm, Invisible Eggs and MJ Atwi’s visionary leadership stand as pioneers of change, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all NFT enthusiasts.