Jada Ai raises $25M from LDA Capital, Fueling the Race to Achieve Artificial General Intelligence

Jada Ai has received a $25 million commitment from global investment group LDA Capital Limited, to accelerate the development of its next-generation post-human AI, also known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or Strong AI. The ground breaking technology is defined by the Jada development group as being a system possessing self- learning and advanced cognitive abilities, capable of ideating solutions to any problem and being fully adaptive to constantly evolving environments.


Jada is built for Enterprise-scale organizations requiring interaction with an Al to aid with complex decision-making, solution innovation and hyper-scaling the execution of business operations. Jada is designed to operate autonomously, requiring little-to-no human intervention, distinguishing itself from current-generation Machine Learning and Large Language Models that require heavy maintenance and are prone to hallucinations.


Diego Torres, Founder and CEO of Jada Ai said the following about the joint partnership: “Great ventures start with the right people, moral alignment and a shared vision for the future. We’re happy to have LDA Capital’s full support as we work towards accomplishing our Artificial Intelligence Evolution Agenda and empowering enterprises across the planet with real AI. We’re designing Jada with a blockchain-based runtime architecture, which will help enable immutable training data, absolute adopter privacy and 0% downtime via decentralized computing, all key factors towards ethical access and engagement. The Jada Artificial Intelligence will be accessible worldwide via our JADX token, which can be used to pay for training time on Adopter-specified data and computing power to accomplish objectives when deployed.”.


Jada Ai’s $25 Million raise at a $415M valuation from LDA Capital will be used to grow their international team of scientists and developers, towards accelerating the completion of the Jada Artificial General Intelligence, onboard new enterprise adopters and providing education about AI. The Jada development group’s agenda also includes applying its AI towards the creation of technologies that have the potential to positively benefit the development of human civilization.


Regarding the future impact of Jada, founder Diego Torres commented: “Once fully developed, Jada will have the cognitive strength to help us bring new technologies into reality, such as advanced 3D bio-printing that will enable us to replace severed limbs in human patients, another example is the ability to build sustainable nuclear fusion reactors, allowing cleaner and more economic access to energy worldwide.”.


The Jada Ai project was established in the Summer of 2021 after almost a decade of stealth development, with the goal of creating next-generation post-human Artificial Intelligence, being built by a worldwide team of Researchers and Scientists, designed to be truly ethical, sustainable and possess zero-flaw precision, while being safe to humans and the environment.