Japanese Regulatory Authorities Grant Approval for EOS Trading Pairs Against Yen

EOS Token Secures Spot on BitTrade Exchange as Japanese Regulators Give Green Light

The upcoming month of September will witness the EOS token making its debut on the Japanese trading platform BitTrade, according to an announcement by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). This move follows the nod of approval from Japan’s cryptocurrency regulatory body, allowing EOS to be traded against the Japanese yen on authorized exchanges within the country.

The EOS Network Foundation, a key supporter of EOS’s development, revealed that the Japanese Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association has granted whitelist approval to the EOS token. This development opens the doors for yen-based trading on regulated exchanges, with BitTrade being the designated platform for this purpose.

Yves La Rose, CEO of the EOS Network Foundation, expressed the strategic importance of penetrating the Asian market for EOS. He underlined that Asia holds a significant position for EOS due to its large base of tokenholders and its active role in driving blockchain-based gaming and GameFi innovations. La Rose emphasized the significance of Japan’s flourishing market, backed by its well-established regulatory framework and supportive government, which together provide a clear path for market expansion. La Rose also noted the ripe potential for tokenizing various gaming intellectual properties in Japan.

In parallel, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has recently reinforced the country’s dedication to the Web3 movement. During a keynote address, Kishida hailed Web3’s capacity to initiate societal shifts and reshape the online landscape. He categorized Web3 as a cornerstone of the “new form of capitalism,” showcasing Japan’s inclination towards embracing innovative digital paradigms.