Jordan Belfort shared Bitcoin forecasts for 2023

A former stock broker, widely known as the “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, during a podcast as part of The Wolf of Wall Street, assessed the prospects of the flagship crypto asset for the current year. The expert noted that there is more and more talk about the regulation of digital asset segment, which may in the future become a bullish catalyst for bitcoin.

Belfort himself remains a supporter of the development of effective regulatory framework for the crypto segment. According to the entrepreneur, the flagship cryptocurrency will only benefit from this. He also stressed that if the world’s governments continue to print money uncontrollably, more and more users will see bitcoin as a reliable tool to protect against inflation.

It is worth noting that the next meeting of the Federal System will be held tomorrow, following which a decision on the key rate will be announced. Over the past year, the department has increased it by 4.25%. Now the markets are laying down a very high probability that the regulator will limit itself to 0.25%.

Also, special attention will need to be paid to the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. If the rate really increases by only 0.25%, while Powell clearly hints at the dovish position of the regulator, then most digital assets will receive their dividends from this.

On the other hand, if the refinancing rate rises by 0.5%, such an outcome will come as a surprise to most investors. In this case, it is impossible to exclude the development of a massive wave of sales in the cryptocurrency market.