Key DeFi indexes declined over the week

Analysts of the well-known research department have released a report on the decentralized finance industry (DeFi), as well as first- and second-level blockchains (L1 and L2). Experts published the research on December 21, 2022. They talked about the key DeFi indices and told about the main news of these sectors. Capitalization, volume and volatility indices were negative this week and amounted to 1,631 (-12,81%) , 390 (-3,29%) and 266 (-1%), respectively.

As for the news, the main events were that the payment giant Paypal will soon integrate with the Metamask crypto wallet. Representatives of the developer from Consensys stated: this cooperation will allow users to choose Paypal as a payment method when buying Ether (ETH) in a Web3 wallet. This feature will be fully deployed for US users in the coming weeks.

Another payment giant Visa has released a document that talks about future cooperation with Ethereum to create “contracts with automatic payments.” It describes in detail how you can use the account abstraction (AA), which combines user accounts and smart contracts when using zkStark technology.

Curve Finance has announced plans to deploy zkSync 2.0 to the main network in 2023. Development will begin as part of the Fair Onboarding Alpha phase, which aims to provide blockchain projects with the opportunity to test and validate their applications.

The Solana-based Raydium DeFi protocol has been hacked. Hackers stole more than $2.2 million in cryptocurrencies. The attackers used one of the private keys of the protocol creator to seize his powers and deplete the liquidity pools. The value of the Raydium (RAY) token dropped by 8% to $0.16 just a few minutes after the attack.