Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin can help in the fight against bots and fake accounts”

The chairman of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, believes that the Bitcoin network can become an effective means to prevent cybersecurity threats, namely the fight against fake accounts in social networks.

In a recent interview with Kitco News, Michael Saylor touched on the topic of cybersecurity and threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI), including deepfakes. Saylor gave an example of the use of bots in social networks. According to him, billions of fake accounts inciting hatred among real users are behind the digital “civil war” in modern society. Given the rapid development of AI and the emergence of new generation technologies, it becomes much easier to make deepfakes, and it is more difficult to detect them.

“The danger in cyberspace is that I can stamp a billion fake people and start a civil war, forcing fake Republicans to hate fake or real Democrats, and vice versa,” says Saylor.

Therefore, the chairman of MicroStrategy believes that decentralized identity identifiers (DID) can solve the problem with deepfakes and trust in the digital space. He noted that decentralized identification will ensure reliable and independent data exchange. For example, if someone wants to launch a billion bots on Twitter, it will cost him a billion transactions. Thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrencies in social networks and the use of the capabilities of the decentralized Bitcoin network, such actions will become very costly and will have serious consequences, Sailor concluded.

Recently, Michael Saylor suggested that soon all major banking institutions will inevitably begin to provide bitcoin storage services. This will avoid the risks that arise when storing cryptocurrencies independently.