Michael Taylor is probably looking for a buyer for 182,000 BTC

Bitcoin (BTC), frozen in place due to the Christmas holidays in Europe and the United States, experienced a slight drop yesterday. The reason for this could be the statement that Michael Saylor is looking for an opportunity to sell 182,000 Bitcoins.

Michael Saylor in search of a buyer for Bitcoin Microstrategy

It should be noted that the sudden drop in Bitcoin last night occurred after the publication of a tweet by @WhaleChart, which said that Michael Saylor was consulting with his lawyers about the possibility of selling 182,000 Bitcoins.

“Saylor is negotiating with lawyers to liquidate his position in Bitcoins in the form of a buyout of market capitalization up to 182,000 BTC. Over-the-counter negotiations are currently underway. My sources are reliable people who make such over-the-counter transactions. We don’t know yet if any deals will take place,” wrote @WhaleChart last night.

The Twitter user who posted this tweet refers to his sources, who, according to him, are intermediaries in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. In other words, we can say that the statement has not yet been confirmed by a reliable source.

When studying Saylor’s Twitter account, it is clear that he has not yet made a statement on this issue and, as usual, published many messages in support of BTC during the day.

In March 2000, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a criminal lawsuit against Saylor and two other MicroStrategy executives for misrepresenting the company’s financial results for the previous two years.

In December 2000, Saylor pleaded guilty before the SEC, paying a $350,000 fine and $8.3 million in damages. As a result of the fall in the value of Bitcoin and the share price of Microstrategy, Saylor’s net worth has decreased by $ 6 billion this year.

Many market participants believe that the information that has appeared is another FUD. According to the latest report, Microstrategy owns only 130,000 Bitcoins, not 182,000.

There is also a version that the sale and subsequent redemption of the Bitcoin portfolio can be carried out to optimize taxes at the end of the year. The sale of Bitcoins will fix a loss to the tax service and reduce the tax base.

If the information about Sailor’s search for a buyer for his Bitcoin portfolio is confirmed, this may provoke another strong decline in the first cryptocurrency and the entire crypto market.