New Bull Run: Promising Crypto Projects

The state of an asset market, be it crypto, stocks, bonds, commodities, or any other type of financial market, can always be described as either bullish or bearish. This means prices tend to move upward or downward for an extended period, with occasional deviations.

“Buy the dip and sell when the crypto is at its peak in the ongoing cycle” is a golden rule. The ability to distinguish between market phases, understand where the market goes, and catch the signs of an emerging swing can help investors make substantial profits.

The next crypto bull run, or rising market, is predicted to happen this spring, as a huge industry event discussed further is about to happen. So, now is the perfect time to get hold of promising assets likely to explode when the market turns green. Read on to learn what factors could trigger the new bull run and what cryptos could be worth purchasing now.

Why Is the Market Expected to Turn Green?

A bull run happens when market confidence hits its peak, with demand outweighing supply. Numerous factors influence the crypto market, which basically depends on investors’ sentiment.

So, any market swing is usually triggered by industry news and major events to which crypto enthusiasts react by either buying or selling, forming a rising or declining trend.

We are still in a bearish market, although multiple cryptos have rallied in recent weeks. The new bull run is predicted to follow the coming Bitcoin halving, which happens every four years and has historically triggered the market change.

Bitcoin Halving and ETFs: Analyzing Possible Triggers

Bitcoin halving is an event in which the reward for mining new blocks decreases by 50%. For example, the current block reward is 6.25 BTC, and the next halving will reduce it to 3.125 BTC. There have been three halvings so far, each followed by a bull market and marked by BTC’s all-time high.

Thus, the new crypto rally is very likely to occur after the next halving, which is expected to happen in May 2024. However, its exact date is difficult to forecast, as only the Bitcoin algorithm determines when it happens based on the creation of specific blocks.

This year, the bull run could gain even greater scale thanks to the approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs in January in the US. An ETF is an investment fund that tracks the performance of a certain asset and is traded on traditional stock exchanges. Its value rises or declines when the underlying asset does so.

Bitcoin ETFs let investors gain exposure to BTC’s value through traditional financial instruments without directly owning it. This can potentially open the floodgates to a larger amount of funds entering the market when the bull run is on, boosting the BTC price and heating the crypto market overall. So what next crypto bull run coins are worth buying now to gain profits when the bulls prevail?

Best Crypto for Next Bull Run

Investing in altcoins can potentially yield higher returns and diversify your portfolio to mitigate risks if any assets you hold underperform. Nevertheless, it is important that you do comprehensive research, collecting information on the cryptocurrency’s background. Study the information about its development team, underlying technology, roadmap, utility value, and other factors pointing to potential success or risks.

Also, remember to keep abreast of current market trends and regulatory news to consider the broader crypto context. Assessing essential factors can help you develop effective strategies and make the most of the bull run by opting for the most relevant assets. Let’s look at the top crypto for the next bull run.

TFS Token (TFS)

The digital asset is native to Fairspin, a revolutionary blockchain-based iGaming platform with transparency as its principal value. With all transactions and game actions recorded on an immutable digital ledger to be checked anytime, Fairspin ensures a fair playing field and secure winnings.

Fairspin offers its users multiple hassle-free ways to earn TFS Token, from secure rakeback to various rewards allocated within the 10-level loyalty program. One of the most attractive features is risk-free staking: holders can freeze their tokens on the platform for a specified period and gain rewards when it is over.

There is also Liquidity Staking, which allows stakers to choose how long to stake their TFS and USDT in a liquidity pool. Moreover, they can withdraw any amount at any given time.

The reward a holder gets constitutes a share of the general platform’s profit for their staking period. So, if it turns out to be zero, they will get the deposit back. However, the average holders’ APR is over 500%, outscoring the returns offered by any other iGaming token.

The platform already gained an excellent reputation in its niche, boosting the TFS value. Judging from the project’s dynamic development, reliable technology at its core, and exponential user base growth, it has all the prerequisites to become a desired asset in any investor’s portfolio.

Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

A rising star, GBTC has a lot to offer besides a ‘Bitcoin’ tag. It was launched in 2023 and is positioned as an eco-friendly crypto project centered around prediction markets. Like BTC, it has a fixed supply of 21 million, and the presale is already on.

GBTC uses Ethereum’s Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which consumes 10,000x times less energy than the Proof of Work model and serves as its more sustainable alternative. The GBTC presale has already amassed over $5M in funding, and an early sell-out will likely occur. The buzz around the crypto is expected to fuel a successful exchange launch in the next several days.

5thScape (5SCAPE)

The project aims to drive a new era of immersive experiences, focusing on augmented and virtual reality. The team has an integrated project development plan that covers VR games, animations, and hardware.

5SCAPE is an ERC-20 token central to the 5thScape ecosystem. The token has a fixed supply of 5.21B, 80% of which is allocated to the presale already underway. The project targets to raise up to $15M, with over $1.5M already amassed during the current first stage at the time of writing.


Diversifying and rebalancing your portfolio can be a wise strategic decision in the run-up to the bull run. The key aspects to look for in a crypto include a trusted team, proven utility and transparency, robust security, high liquidity, and others.

We have given an overview of the five promising digital assets that could show a rising trend in the coming months, including TFS Token, and more. Please note that this is not financial advice, and we would like to highlight the importance of doing your own research before investing in any asset.