Now Officially: GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY Made It to the Top Projects 2024

The gaming industry kicked off 2024 with a remarkable milestone as “GIRAND: IN THE LOST CITY” secured its spot among the top 10 projects by Forbes Portugal, marking a significant achievement in GameFi development. This event holds tremendous importance for the industry, particularly due to its groundbreaking features and the potential influence it could have on the future of the gaming world.

Briefly About the Project

“GIRAND” represents the next generation in Play2Earn projects, providing players with unparalleled immersion in the thrilling world of AAA gaming, with stunning 3D graphics. Drawing inspiration from Lovecraftian myths and ancient Greek philosophy, the game tells the story of the ancient kingdom reminiscent of Atlantis. The developers devoted special attention to details, including music composed specifically for the game to emphasize its ambiance and story.


GIRAND stands out for its exceptional accessibility, seamlessly combining the best of both Web2 and Web3. This innovative approach ensures that even individuals unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies can effortlessly dive into the gaming experience and interact with the digital economy. New players can easily start their journey by simply logging in through Telegram, with no need to create a cryptocurrency wallet.


The main advantage of GIRAND is its strong and dedicated team, consisting of professionals with experience in large companies such as Blizzard,, and 1C. The project’s leader, Sergey Fominykh, is an experienced digital agency owner and investor with a rich background.

Game Economy

The game economy is based on NFTs and introduces innovative mechanics with restrictions on payouts and taxation of specific transactions. Such an approach contributes to the sustainable growth of players’ activity and solves the longstanding issue of Ponzi schemes that have previously deterred investors in alternative projects.


The developers want to make it clear that “GIRAND” is primarily a game, and the chance to make money is an added perk. Players can earn income by finding rare NFTs while playing the game.


GIRAND is distinctly global, with its primary office in Dubai and a team scattered across the globe. It underlines the creators’ dedication to fostering international collaboration and promoting innovation in the industry.


Towards the end of 2024, the developers have something special in store – a big offline tournament in the UAE. It’s a chance for everyone to join in, connect with the project’s community, and wrap up the year on an exciting note following the buzz of the game’s launch earlier in the year.