Owners of Ledger cold wallets were warned about the problems

The participants of the crypto community questioned the security of the partners of Ledger’s cold hardware wallets. Chinese journalist Colin Wu drew attention to the problem.

The journalist noted that several representatives of the crypto community faced freezing of funds when working with Ledger partners – trading platforms Changelly and Wyre. According to Colin Wu, one of the users lost access to assets of almost $3 million.

In the microblog, the journalist published a link to the thread, the author of which told about the loss of his friend’s cryptocurrency through operations with the service recommended by Ledger – Changelly. This is how, according to him, the chronology of events looks like:

The user decided to exchange the USDT stablecoin for USDC. The tokens were on a Ledger cold wallet. To perform the operation through the wallet application, the system recommended the Changelly platform.

The system said that in order to perform an operation through Changelly, you do not need to undergo additional registration. At the same time, they promised to transfer funds to the account in real time. The user trusted Ledger’s recommendation and chose Changelly for the exchange of stablecoins.

In total, the user exchanged $2.9 million worth of stablecoins through Changelly. According to him, a few hours after the operation, he received a system notification about its successful completion. At the same time, in fact, the USDC has not been credited to the account.

The user contacted Ledger support. There he was asked to undergo KYC verification procedures at Changelly.

Changelly representatives also got in touch and began requesting various documents from the user, including evidence of the legality of funds. After the service received answers to the questions, a week of silence came. Seven days later, the Changelly team again addressed the user with new questions about his transactions. A week later, representatives of the service asked the user to provide additional information. After that, the Changelly team stopped contacting. In Ledger, the user was asked to be patient.

According to the author of the post, Changelly representatives have not been in touch for more than a month. There are many messages on the network from other users who also lost access to their assets after working with the service. Ledger customers also complain about problems with another platform recommended by the company – Wyre.