Paris Hilton becomes an NFT advisor

While celebrities, athletes, and influencers are leaving the crypto industry after a significant drop in prices, pop diva Paris Hilton has become the advisor of the NFT project!

According to a June 8 Origin blog post, American film actress, singer, fashion model, and billionaire Paris Hilton has become part of the project team as an investor and advisor! The company needs Paris’ experience and expertise in working with celebrities and other members of high society.  

«As an investor and advisor, Paris will provide strategic advice on how to most effectively deliver value with NFTs for top-tier creators like celebrities, influencers, and brands», says the blog.

Origin is an Ethereum blockchain-based protocol that helps buyers and sellers transact in a decentralized environment.

Earlier, Twitter users noticed that the movie star’s avatar received the “Laser Eyes” effect, and Paris Hilton began sharing posts in support of Bitcoin.

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