Private Equity Firms Eye Bitcoin Miners for AI Computing Power

Rising Interest in Bitcoin Miners

Private equity firms are increasingly partnering with bitcoin miners, leveraging their infrastructure to meet the growing demands of artificial intelligence (AI) computing.

Core Scientific’s Strategic Move

Core Scientific’s CEO, Adam Sullivan, revealed that the company’s recent 200MW deal with CoreWeave has attracted significant attention from top-tier private equity firms. These firms are now keen on financing and partnerships, drawn by the lucrative potential of integrating AI computing power with existing bitcoin mining operations.

Bitcoin Miners as AI Data Centers

Bitcoin miners, known for their massive energy requirements, are becoming attractive to private equity firms seeking data centers for AI applications. Sullivan emphasized that bitcoin mining sites, which typically have substantial power capacity and infrastructure, are well-suited for AI-related computing needs.

The Appeal of Existing Infrastructure

One of the biggest constraints for data centers is finding sites with over 100 megawatts of power and high-voltage substations. These criteria, essential for bitcoin mining, make existing mining sites ideal candidates for AI data centers. Sullivan noted that private equity firms are now recognizing this value and are eager to capitalize on it.

Recent Partnerships and Interest

Core Scientific’s deal with CoreWeave has led to several approaches from private equity firms, offering financing for further AI-related partnerships. This development has renewed investor interest in the bitcoin mining sector, with some analysts predicting an increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities.

Post-Halving Challenges and Opportunities

The recent bitcoin halving, which reduced mining rewards, has made it more challenging for miners to remain profitable. Many are now looking to diversify their revenue streams by repurposing their data centers for AI computing. Private equity firms see this as an opportunity to consolidate smaller mining firms and integrate their infrastructure into AI data centers.

Financial and Technical Support

Private equity firms can provide the necessary capital and expertise to help bitcoin miners transition to AI computing. Sullivan highlighted that these firms can assist under-resourced miners by bringing in new partners and introducing potential customers.

Long-Term Viability and Investment

Long-duration high-performance computing (HPC) deals, such as Core Scientific’s 12-year contract with CoreWeave, are more attractive to private equity firms due to their stability and potential for high returns. These deals mark a shift towards more viable and investable opportunities in the mining sector.

The Future of Bitcoin Miners

While the influx of private equity interest may change some aspects of the mining business, it doesn’t spell the end for bitcoin miners. Some sites will continue mining operations as long as it remains economically viable, while others may transition to AI data centers.

Ongoing M&A Activity

The mining sector is experiencing a wave of M&A activity as firms navigate the challenges post-halving. Core Scientific recently rejected a takeover offer from CoreWeave, focusing instead on organic growth and new opportunities. Sullivan anticipates continued consolidation and deal-making in the industry over the next year.


The convergence of bitcoin mining and AI computing presents a promising frontier for private equity investment. As the sector evolves, strategic partnerships and infrastructure repurposing will likely drive significant growth and innovation in both fields.