Rainbow Points Airdrop: Ethereum Users Rewarded for Onchain Engagement

In a move towards community involvement, Rainbow has gifted Ethereum users with Rainbow Points in the first-ever airdrop. These points can be claimed today, opening doors to rewards for onchain activities such as DeFi transactions and DApp exploration.

Community-Centric Rewards

Rainbow Points align with Rainbow’s commitment to inclusivity. The decentralized reward system aims to encourage user participation and contribution to the platform’s growth.

Transparent and Secure

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Rainbow Points ensure transparency and security. Users have full control over their points, trackable on the public ledger.

Endless Possibilities

Rainbow Points offer exclusive benefits, from access to new features to participating in governance decisions. As Rainbow evolves, so will the opportunities for those holding Rainbow Points.

How to Claim Your Points

Visit the Rainbow platform, follow the simple instructions, and be part of a more inclusive and rewarding future.

Join the Revolution

Rainbow Points symbolize more than tokens; they represent community empowerment. Take the first step to engage, earn, and be part of the Ethereum community’s revolution with Rainbow.

Setting up a wallet through the link will earn you 250 points for this.(code VAG-8W4)