Rising to the Top: Expert Tips for Women Seeking Leadership Roles

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and business, women are increasingly making their mark, breaking through barriers, and rising to leadership positions. Drawing on the insights of accomplished female leaders from prominent companies, here are expert tips for women navigating the path to leadership roles.

Embrace Diversity and Unconventional Ideas

Elena Krutova, Chief Administrative Officer at Exness

Elena emphasizes the power of diversity and unconventional thinking. “First, women need to feel more confident every day. Second, women bring ‘softer’ skills to the table — emotional intelligence, empathy, resilience. Do not be shy to show it! These skills are needed in the current BANI world. Third, women can develop better products for women; in some industries, these are the major markets. Who knows women better than women? Use your knowledge and go ahead! The last one is to ensure proper support — with your family, friends, or network to have a good mentor. Women should stop competing and start collaborating — for the one and only goal of making the world a better place.”

Continuous Learning and Networking

Olga Dmitrenko, Chief Revenue Officer at AdTech Holding

Olga stresses the significance of continuous skill development and its demonstration. “To become a leader in the tech sector, start by learning, gaining experience, and developing strong communication and technical skills. Stay updated on industry trends and cultivate a problem-solving mindset. Demonstrate your leadership skills by taking initiative, embracing challenges, and fostering collaboration. Showcase your ability to adapt to change, inspire others, and contribute innovative solutions.” Olga also highlights the importance of building a diverse network and seeking mentorship. “Participate in tech educational programs, relevant events, and meetups.”

Confidence, Forward-Thinking, and Collaboration

Evi Pilavaki, Chief Legal Officer at bbf:

Evi advocates for empowering female leaders to create an inclusive environment, “Empowering female leaders is crucial for fostering an inclusive work environment where women support each other’s progress, drawing on their unique strengths and capabilities. This transformative approach encourages collaboration and open discussions, paving the way for innovation and fostering a positive perspective on female leadership.” Evi also underscores, “As the Chief Legal Officer at bbf:, one of the fastest-growing companies in the property development and real estate investment sector, leading a diverse team of professional women, we navigate challenges in a rapidly evolving industry. Adaptability, expertise, and staying informed are crucial aspects.” 

Know What You Want, Be an Industry Expert, and Lead by Example

Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global

Marina stresses the importance of knowing what you want and being an industry expert. “To become a leader in technology, you need to know what you want, be the industry expert, and be tough on yourself. Every leader should do exactly what they expect from their team — be an example of proactivity, flexibility, and openness to new things.” Marina also highlights the significance of aligning actions with expectations and gathering the right people to achieve remarkable results. “When your actions are in line with your own requirements for a good employee, it is easy to gather the right people around you and to achieve brilliant results in any area together.”

Embrace Diversity, Resilience, and Wellbeing

Elena Grigorian, CEO of MY.GAMES

Elena Grigorian encourages embracing diversity and welcoming the value of different experiences and viewpoints. “Embrace diversity and recognize that having a range of experiences and viewpoints is a powerful asset that improves problem-solving and decision-making.” She views setbacks as stepping stones for growth, fostering resilience and contributing to stronger teams. Elena advises, “I make it a point to prioritize your own and your team’s wellbeing, for the benefit of productivity, and see this is a crucial ingredient in achieving long-term success.”

Clarity, Perseverance, and Continuous Growth

Valentina Bagniya, Сhief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS

Valentina encourages women to develop the skill of noticing and using opportunities. She advocates for honesty about one’s desires, defining goals, and maintaining strong beliefs to overcome obstacles. Valentina shares, “Define your goals and believe in them. Unwavering belief dismantles obstacles over time. Persevere in the face of “no” or “impossible” – they are mere words, not roadblocks. Remember, challenges are opportunities in disguise. The answers you seek may not be at arm’s length, but you’ll find courage and innovative solutions taking a helicopter view. Enjoy your unique journey, and embrace it with resilience.”

Balancing Technical and Soft Skills

Julia Yudina, Head of Customer Success at vidby

Julia Yudina highlights the importance of balancing technical skills with soft skills. As a female leader in tech, she transformed challenges into strengths, leveraging her perspective to innovate. Julia emphasizes, “Early in my career, I realized the critical importance of balancing technical skills with soft skills. In today’s tech landscape, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and empathy are not just desirable traits but essential components of modern leadership. These skills enable not only better problem-solving but also foster a more inclusive and creative work environment.”

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