Safe Wallet Provider Now Offers’s Ethereum Staking App, Expanding User Options

Safe Wallet Provider Simplifies Ethereum Staking for Crypto Users, Eliminating Physical Infrastructure Requirements, a leading Ethereum staking service, has teamed up with Safe, a decentralized custody protocol managing over $38 billion in assets, to offer a seamless staking experience. This integration aims to facilitate ETH staking for crypto users by eliminating the need for them to handle physical infrastructure.

Through P2P’s user-friendly application integrated with Safe, individuals can now stake their ETH with just a few clicks while retaining complete ownership of their staked assets. P2P CEO Alex Esin highlighted the added benefit of slashing protections for users who stake the minimum requirement of 32 ETH. P2P guarantees to cover any slashed amounts resulting from validators’ failure to fulfill their duties, ensuring a worry-free staking experience.

Unlike traditional staking setups, where financial penalties are imposed and staked ETH may be slashed due to a validator’s offline status, P2P has maintained a flawless record with zero slashing events. Furthermore, P2P offers various coverage options to compensate users for any potential slashing incidents, as explained by their communication representative, Rick Bagshaw.

With Ethereum’s network currently securing more than 22.8 million staked ETH, valued at nearly $40 billion, according to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, P2P’s integration with Safe seeks to make staking more accessible to crypto enthusiasts.