Samsung will create its own analogue of ChatGPT

Samsung Electronics is going to develop and introduce a chatbot to the market within a few months. It will be used as an alternative to ChatGPT. The chatbot will search, translate, and summarize the information received. The chatbot will be developed by one of the divisions of Samsung Electronics DS.

We remind you that the site of the original ChatGPT has reached at least 100 million active users per month. However, some companies prohibit their employees from using its capabilities. In particular, this is what Apple did.

Chatbot will be launched by the end of December 2023

According to incoming information, the service will be launched by the end of December. Fully all services based on the chatbot will be issued only in February next year. Thanks to its development, the corporation is going to automate the procurement and expenditure process, summarize production information, and improve the translation of special documentation.

Samsung has also introduced restrictions on the use of a chatbot. According to the sources of the publication in the Korean company, Samsung has imposed a complete ban on the use of third-party AI in the division responsible for the production of household appliances and smartphones.

In addition to Samsung Corporation, other companies will create their own versions of ChatGPT

In addition to Samsung Corporation, other companies are going to develop their own chatbot models. In particular, JPMorgan Chase Bank is preparing its own version of the chatbot. It will be engaged in a selection of investment tips for clients.

The novelty will be called IndexGPT. In an explanatory note, the bank claims that the chatbot will rely on cloud computing and artificial intelligence to select shares for customers. The chatbot should start working within the next three years.

The basis of the JPMorgan chatbot will be the same generative pre-trained converter (GPT) model as in ChatGPT. As for Apple, which banned the use of a chatbot, AI development is also underway. The corporation is looking for employees in the field of machine learning interested in developing “extraordinary autonomous systems”.

Thus, more and more corporations in the world are trying to develop their own AI models and chatbots, despite warnings that AI can be dangerous for humanity.