School Bitcoin training program will be introduced in Lugano

In Lugano (city in Switzerland) the mayor announced that a school Bitcoin training program will be launched in March. The launch of the program is timed to the anniversary of the “Bitcoin Revolution”. Exactly a year ago, a test program for accepting cryptocurrencies was launched in Lugano.

The program was named Plan B. This program is an initiative of local authorities, which was supported by Tether. The goal of the program is to attract wealthy users from other countries who value blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

There are hundreds of companies in Lugano that accept Bitcoin as a payment unit

A year after the launch of the program, hundreds of companies that have added Bitcoin payments are working in Lugano. Interestingly, even the McDonald’s chain began accepting Bitcoin and USDT in local restaurants.

Lugano attracts many crypto enthusiasts by the fact that you can live and work in it without using fiat currencies at all. Recall that not so long ago, El Salvador and Lugano signed a protocol according to which a Bitcoin office of El Salvador will be opened in Lugano.

It is also worth recalling that Switzerland became the last country in the world to abandon the gold standard in 1999. Switzerland is considered one of the safest countries for the financial industry. Her reputation in this regard is impeccable.

What will be studied in the Bitcoin training program

Judging by the incoming reports, the school curriculum will focus on learning the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. Students will learn the history of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, its technical features.

Thus, the mayor’s office of the city tries to ensure that students are financially savvy from school and know about all trends in the global financial system. Quite a sensible initiative. Italy is also launching an educational course on cryptocurrencies, but only for university students.

The course involves studying the basics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and speakers will be well-known in the Italian crypto industry. It is possible that similar courses and programs for both schoolchildren and students will soon appear in other countries.