TFS Token: 5 Exceptional iGaming Benefits

The world of gaming has witnessed significant transformation thanks to blockchain technology. Digital tokens are now at the forefront of these changes, underpinning in-game assets, economies, and governance systems.

The evolution of iGaming tokens showcases the rapid integration of blockchain technology into the online gambling industry. The thriving journey began with Bitcoin in 2010-2015, moved on to Ethereum’s ERC-20 and the ICO frenzy in 2016, then advanced with gaming tokens and Play to Earn adoption in 2018. Currently, it embraces DeFi and NFTs from 2020-2021.

The rise of cryptocurrency in the iGaming sector is attributed to its special diverse features, such as its secure and anonymous nature, faster transactions with lower fees, privacy, and other lucrative benefits.

​Fairspin has been pivotal in reshaping the iGaming landscape by introducing its own TFS Tokens. This reputable cryptocurrency provides exciting earning opportunities and a transparent experience backed by blockchain technology.

Establishing TFS Tokens has brought exceptional benefits for players, allowing them to accumulate rewards while enjoying their favorite casino games. The TFS Tokens can be redeemed for bonuses and exclusive offers, enhancing the gambling experience.

Crypto Era: Token Market in Focus

Tokens are not just digital currencies – they’re reshaping how we perceive value, community, and ownership in the gaming sphere. It’s an exciting era where cryptocurrencies or tokens are integral to crypto games.

The global blockchain gaming market is projected to reach approximately $65.7 billion by the end of 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.3% from 2022 to 2027. The number of unique active wallets (UAWs) in blockchain games reached 912K in the third quarter of 2022, representing 48% of all blockchain-industry UAWs.

iGaming tokens improve the gaming experience by enhancing rewards, engagement, and fairness. They enable loyalty programs, ensure transparency, facilitate in-game purchases, and promote cross-game usability, giving players a say in game development.

TFS Token Secrets: Start Earning More

Implementing blockchain technology into online gaming has transformed how players earn rewards using TFS Tokens, showcasing its innovative potential. Within the Fairspin ecosystem, the TFS Token is incorporated in several ways, providing users with numerous benefits:

  • Staking Programs: TFS Token offers staking programs, providing additional ways of earning for token holders.
  • Play to Earn Program: This program is designed to reward users for their platform activity. It also introduces the concept of “rakeback rewards” for players, enabling them to earn rewards from both winning and losing bets.
  • Hold to Earn Program: The Hold to Earn integration enables users to hold their TFS Tokens with the prospect of additional rewards.
  • Buyback Model: Fairspin uses a deflationary model to boost the token price and control the TFS Token supply, which helps maintain a positive impact on its price.

These advantages collectively promote heightened user engagement, making TFS Token an exceptional choice among other iGaming tokens.

Easy Profit Booster: Liquidity Staking Basics

Liquidity staking in decentralized finance (DeFi) involves users depositing their tokens into a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange (DEX). In return, participants receive rewards, typically in the form of additional tokens. The importance of liquidity staking spans various aspects:

  • Liquidity staking prevents market price fluctuations during token pair transactions, maintaining trading market stability.
  • Enhanced liquidity reduces the discrepancy between expected and executed trade prices. This feature attracts traders to DeFi platforms and sustains price stability.
  • Liquidity staking supports decentralized exchanges, fostering their reliability and flexibility and, consequently, contributing to the broader growth of the DeFi sector.

“Engaging in liquidity staking offers participants passive income streams, including rewards such as transaction fees and bonus tokens. Additionally, TFS holders have control over their assets, determining stake amounts, durations, and withdrawal preferences,” – comments from Ethan, TFS Community Manager.

Your Fairspin Ticket to Wealth

Fairspin users can participate in Liquidity Staking by staking TFS Tokens alongside USDT (Tether) stablecoins within TFS-USDT pools on the PancakeSwap DEX, increasing the liquidity in these pools.

Liquidity Staking at Fairspin offers a unique reward structure directly linked to the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) generated by the casino. Participants in the liquidity pool receive rewards through three key mechanisms:

  1. Transaction Fee Rewards. Liquidity pool participants receive a share of transaction fees from their staked token pairs, a standard reward in such models.
  2. TFS Token Rewards. Fairspin allocates a specific quantity of TFS Tokens as rewards for liquidity providers. The longer participants stake their tokens and the greater the number of tokens staked, the higher their potential rewards become.
  3. GGR-Based Rewards. A proportion of the GGR generated by Fairspin is distributed among stakers. This means that as the Fairspin platform expands and generates more revenue, stakers can potentially earn higher rewards.

Fairspin uses a structured reward system that increases the reward multiplier based on the duration of TFS Token staking. Participants who stake for more extended periods stand to earn more. For example, for stakes lasting less than seven days – 0.3 multiplier, for staking beyond seven days – 0.6 multiplier, and for stakes lasting 30 days or more – a multiplier of 1.

Maximum rewards are granted to participants who stake their TFS Tokens in the pool for over a month, with the multiplier reaching its peak. These users can anticipate earning up to 0.5% of Fairspin’s GGR. However, any partial withdrawal from the pool, regardless of the amount, resets the multiplier to 0 and the duration to day 1.

Importantly, Liquidity Staking has no minimum or maximum staking periods, allowing users to withdraw or leave their tokens staked, ensuring ongoing rewards without expiration risk.

500% APR: Make Your Money Work Risk-Free

Fairspin launched a unique multi-level loyalty program through TFS Token, combining enhanced gaming and gamified income. In the Hold to Earn program, users stake tokens risk-free to earn passive income at attractive interest rates. Staking durations are flexible, with options of 3 days, 1 day, or 8 hours, and earnings are tied to the number of tokens staked and Fairspin’s revenue during that period.

Participants can enjoy an impressive 500% average annual percentage rate (APR), a substantial contrast to the meager rates offered by traditional banks. TFS Token holders also benefit from time-bound rewards, varying with staking periods and tied to the casino’s earnings. For instance, holding tokens for eight hours yields 1% of the casino’s income, one day results in 2%, and three days – 0.5%.

Furthermore, the reward pool distribution depends on the number of participants, offering more significant payouts for fewer users. Additionally, users can reclaim tokens during non-reward periods, capitalizing on profitable casino phases.

Earning Big in iGaming: Join the TFS Token Revolution

TFS Token is an integral part of the Fairspin working project that has started a new era of opportunities in iGaming. Staking TFS Tokens means becoming part-owners of the casino, allowing holders to earn a guaranteed share of its profits. It’s an innovative concept that adds a new dimension to traditional gaming – similar to owning shares in a company, but with the excitement of gaming.

Notably, all TFS Token transactions are recorded on the blockchain. This technology provides unrivaled transparency and accountability, ensuring easy verification of the users’ TFS assets and returns. It’s a fresh and secure approach to gaming and investment, offering a glimpse into the future of online entertainment.

Take advantage of these prospects and become a part of the ongoing revolution in the iGaming industry. Join the thriving Fairspin community and explore the variety of earning possibilities in the world of blockchain gaming.