The Canto blockchain, which operates on the Cosmos network, has changed its stance on implementing Polygon Layer-2 solutions and has introduced a new roadmap.

Canto, a blockchain platform rooted in the Cosmos network, has decided to maintain its status as a layer-1 network rather than transitioning to the Ethereum ecosystem, as previously announced. Instead, it has introduced its Cyclone Stack, a set of upgrades aimed at enhancing scalability and overall performance.

Originally, Canto had revealed plans to transition into an Ethereum layer-2 network using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). However, after conducting thorough research and collaboration with the Polygon team, Canto has opted to remain a Cosmos-based layer-1 network. It will leverage Polygon’s Type-1 prover while integrating with their aggregation layer (AggLayer), a move that was collectively agreed upon by major contributors to the project.

With the decision finalized, Canto is forging ahead with its Cyclone Stack update, comprising three main upgrades: the Callisto Upgrade, the Kallichore Upgrade, and the Elara Upgrade. These enhancements aim to accelerate block times, improve storage access speeds, and establish new benchmarks for execution efficiency.

Moreover, Canto ensures full compatibility with all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) tooling and applications, allowing seamless integration with applications designed for Ethereum and similar chains. This comprehensive upgrade suite represents a significant stride towards achieving optimal performance and scalability for Canto. Through these advancements, the platform aims to provide an enhanced experience for both developers and users alike.