The first picture of a black hole has been enhanced using AI.

Four years ago, the first-ever photograph of a black hole was taken and showed a blurry, fiery doughnut-like object. However, using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have now given the image a makeover. The updated version was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters on Thursday, keeping the original shape but presenting a slimmer ring and a clearer resolution.

The 2019 image offered a glimpse of the gigantic black hole situated at the heart of the M87 galaxy, which is 53 million light-years away from Earth. One light-year is equivalent to 5.8 trillion miles. The image was created using data collected by a network of radio telescopes from around the world, showing swirling gas and light.

Although numerous telescopes worked in tandem to capture the image, there were still gaps in the data. In the latest study, scientists utilized the same data and relied on machine learning to complete the missing parts. The outcome is an image that resembles the original, except for a thinner “doughnut” and a darker center, according to researchers.