The main dominant trends of 2023 in cryptocurrency market and digital economy in general

The past 2022 has shown that in addition to the decline in the value of leading cryptocurrencies, reduction of staff, bankruptcy of sites, new trends have formed in the market. Most likely, they will dominate the crypto market throughout 2023, and possibly the next few years.

Such trends include decentralized finance, increased regulation of crypto exchanges in a number of countries, as well as the development of GameFi, Metaverses and even crypto derivatives.

What is the main trend that will dominate the cryptocurrency market in 2023

Most likely, the main trend in 2023 will be an increase in the number of applications and platforms of decentralized finance. Their growth is due to the fall of the FTX exchange and increased regulation of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Also, this year will be the year when cryptocurrencies will reach a new level of growth, because in 2022 the infrastructure was built and improved, and an increasing number of institutions are participating in this.

In 2023, the volume of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow due to two factors: firstly, the growth of the corresponding infrastructure, such as applications for decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as due to more professional and intermediaries planning to enter this market. Ultimately, this will lead to the involvement of an increasing number of institutions in the world.

Both centralized and decentralized options infrastructure will grow, as well as the development of new solutions, such as structured repositories, perpetual options and experiments with derivatives, will continue.

What other trends will prevail in the crypto market this year

The GameFi sector will attract a lot of attention from investors and users. Blockchain games with the ability to make a profit will become more and more popular and widespread in the world.

They can help in the emergence of completely new economic models in the digital economy. The same can be said about such a segment as Metaverses. Billions of dollars will be invested in them and more and more companies will include them in their marketing strategies in order to attract the target audience (TA) and increase profits.