The most volatile cryptocurrencies for the month

Researchers of the CryptoDiffer analytical platform spoke about the situation on the cryptocurrency market. They talked about the most volatile digital currencies in the industry over the past 30 days. Only those virtual assets whose capitalization exceeded $1 million were taken into account.

Experts took into account the volatility index calculated by the CryptoRank platform. Thus, the highest rates were recorded at Wemix (WEMIX) — 67.9%. The value of this asset has fallen by 78.2% over the past 30 days, and its capitalization has collapsed to $88.5 million. This state of affairs was due to problems on South Korean exchanges and digital token delistings.

The second place in terms of maximum volatility went to the BinaryX (BNX) cryptocurrency, which broke into the top 100 by market capitalization, but quickly fell out of there. According to information on December 22, 2022, its volatility index was 66.3%. The cost of the native token fell by 53.9% a month, and the capitalization was fixed at $194 million.

The third place in this rating went to Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST). Its volatility index value was 66.2%, only slightly inferior to its competitors. The price of the digital asset has decreased by 83.1% over the past 30 days, and the total offer was only $8.26 million.

The cryptocurrency market was extremely low-volatility over the past day. As of 14:40 Moscow time on December 22, 2022, its capitalization dropped by 0.2% and amounted to $844.28 billion. The key virtual currencies behaved very calmly.

For example, the bitcoin price has decreased by 0.19% in the last 24 hours. BTC was trading at $16,844 with a capitalization of $324.13 million. As for Ether, the ETH coin was available on the market at an average cost of $1,218.2. The total supply of assets circulating in circulation was $149.08 billion.