The person who hacked FTX entered the list of Ethereum whales

The unknown person who stole 228,523 ETN (~$288.5 million) from FTX turned out to be 35 in the list of the largest owners of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization.

According to experts, the attacker conducted several swap and cross chain operations. He currently owns assets worth ~$338.6 million. Most of them are in Ethereum.

The hacker got into the list of Ethereum whales from CoinCarp after the Beacon Chain deposit contract, many exchanges, second-level protocols and DeFi bridges. Its share was 0.19%.

The top 20 wallets account for 27.7% of the Ethereum market supply, the top 50 accounts for about a third.

According to Elliptic, the total damage from the hacker’s actions amounted to $477 million, which is higher than the preliminary estimate of more than $ 400 million. He converted most of the stolen funds into Ethereum. $186 million of the $663 million of funds withdrawn on that day was transferred by FTX itself to cold wallets.

“If there was no compromise of the private key (which there is currently no evidence of), then we cannot rule out that someone with access to FTX and FTX US wallets transferred funds to their wallets,” commented Hugh Brooks, Director of security at Certik.