The Secret Crypto Billionaires Don’t Want You to Know: Unveiling Hidden Gems

The crypto space is abuzz amidst the new Bitcoin halving. While BTC takes center stage, investors are on the lookout for promising assets to maximize their returns throughout the halving craze.

Investing in the right altcoins helps diversify the portfolio and potentially benefit from the next big thing in the industry. So, the best crypto investing strategy is choosing the so-called hidden gems. Read on to learn what these are and what crypto may be a wise investment right now.

Сrypto Investing Strategies Guide

A hidden cryptocurrency gem is a not yet widely known but promising digital asset with a significant growth potential. Overlooked by mainstream investors, they may bring early adopters high yields after gaining broader recognition.

Such cryptos usually have unique features, making them stand out among the more established coins. These may be innovative technologies at the core or unprecedented use cases. One such gem is TFS Token, native to the revolutionary Fairspin blockchain-based platform.

Fairspin: A Step-Change in iGaming

If you consider whether a certain crypto is worth buying, look at the project behind it. TFS is a currency central to the Fairspin ecosystem, a leading iGaming platform with a unique offering in the market.

Founded in 2018, Fairspin caters to a global audience, serving an extensive sportsbook and over 7,500 games of multiple types. The platform provides unprecedented security and transparency to its players.

All game actions and transactions are recorded and stored on the blockchain, which can be viewed anytime. In addition to playing, users can enjoy a wide range of bonuses and earning opportunities enabled through TFS.

What Is a TFS Token?

TFS is an ERC20/BEP20 token for use on the platform and beyond. It lies at the core of every Fairspin incentive, serving as a currency for bonus accruals and passive income generated through the staking programs available at Fairspin. Let’s take a closer look at the token’s use cases.


All players get rakeback in TFS for any bet they place. So, it doesn’t matter if a bet loses or wins; a player will have a certain number of tokens accrued to their balance, regardless of the gaming outcome.


Fairspin provides an extensive bonus system. All new users get 200 TFS for a sign-up and can benefit from a time-limited offer of 450 TFS +140 FS spread across the first four deposits. Moreover, all users automatically join the 10-level loyalty program, where each new level brings more perks.

The list of benefits available via the loyalty program involves daily and weekly bonuses with or without wagering requirements and the staking limit coefficient. For example, the “Player” (initial level) will get:

  • 5% weekly cashback with no wager;
  • 5% weekly cashback with a 60x wager;
  • Staking limit: Play to Earn × 5,000.

Once the user reaches the highest level of “VIP Club Platinum Card”, they will access the following:

  • 10% daily cashback with no wager;
  • 5% weekly cashback with no wager;
  • 50% weekly cashback with a 60x wager;
  • Staking limit: Play to Earn × 15,000.



One of the greatest features TFS presents is risk-free staking. The Hold to Earn program allows users to freeze their TFS for a specific period. When it is over, they will get back their deposit and the interest earned. The potential returns exceed those offered by any other iGaming project – the average holders’ annual APR is 500%, and the daily APR can reach 21%.

There are plans for 8 hours, 1 day, or 3 days, and the reward constitutes a share of the general platform’s profit for the given period. The reward sum = a % of the Fairspin’s GGR × user’s share × time multiplier. As a result, the bigger the contributor’s share, the more profits they receive.

The extension to the program called Liquidity Staking provides even wider opportunities. Holders can stake their assets indefinitely, withdrawing any amount whenever they wish. Here, a holder adds their TFS and USDT to the pool, boosting liquidity.


TFS Token can also be used outside Fairspin – it is already traded against USDT on decentralized exchanges, such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap. Given the project’s utility and constantly growing user base, the token will likely grow in price over time, making trading more profitable.


Acquiring hidden crypto gems is one of the best crypto investing strategies. It allows you to capitalize on valuable projects when they gain mass recognition, with potential returns exceeding the initial investments.

TFS Token is a promising crypto worth purchasing now – native to the game-changing Fairspin project, it has all the prerequisites to gain significant value over time.

Besides great perspectives, the token can already bring its holders solid returns – try staking TFS with an average annual APR of 500% with zero effort!