Three Arrows Capital Hedge Fund Follows The Path Celsius WIth It Troubles Regarding Debt Obligations

The bankrupt 3AC owes $3.5 billion to dozens of investors, as stated in a court paper.


The Genesis OTC platform was the largest company creditor — $2.36 billion.

Interestingly, another major bankrupt company Voyager Digital is next on the list – $685 million.

Other creditors’ share was not that big, but there are a few known worldwide companies among them, such as FalconX, CoinList, EquitiesFirst, and Celsius Network. 

By the way, Celsius Network proposed a plan for the company restructuring at the expense of their mining subsidiary, which is also listed as a “debtor organization” in the company’s corporate structure.

Interesting, when will 3AC present its master plan? Rhetorical question…