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The website has been temporarily taken offline following a breach by hackers who attempted to execute phishing attacks over the weekend. Terra, a layer-1 blockchain, has frozen its website to prevent further scams and phishing attempts targeting users.

In an official statement on X (formerly Twitter) dated August 22, Terra confirmed that the domains had been frozen to thwart ongoing phishing scams. The platform urged users not to interact with any sites under this domain until an official “all-clear” notice is issued by the Terra foundation.

Terra’s team has been diligently addressing the issue, although some delays in third-party responses have been encountered. Notably, Terra provided updates about its multichain wallet called Station Wallet, designed for accessing decentralized applications across various platforms and blockchains like Terra, Juno, and Kujira.

On August 21, Station Wallet made significant security updates to enhance user safety. The wallet advised users to refrain from using its desktop and mobile apps until the safety updates are confirmed. New versions of the apps will be announced as soon as they are ready.

This incident occurred shortly after hackers compromised the Terra website during the weekend, attempting phishing attacks to scam users. Terra had previously issued warnings on August 19 and 20, urging users to avoid engaging with the compromised sites.

Terra has faced challenges in the past, including a major collapse of its previous ecosystem in May 2022, resulting in substantial losses and turmoil in the cryptocurrency industry. Despite this, a faction of the Terra community, led by co-founder Do Kwon, decided to revive the project. The new version, Terra 2.0, was launched with the goal of recovering the lost funds.

At present, the Terra (LUNA) token’s market capitalization stands at $152.7 million. The token’s value has dropped by 22% in the past week and over 70% in the past year due to the recent hack.

Meanwhile,, a decentralized social media platform, has denied claims that the personal information of more than 100,000 users was leaked. The platform’s team clarified that the data in question was collected from their public API, likening it to someone obtaining information from a public Twitter feed. The controversy stemmed from a report that misinterpreted data shared by a developer known as Banteg, who had scraped publicly available data from’s platform.

In summary, the website has been temporarily shut down due to a hacking incident involving phishing attacks. Terra is taking measures to prevent further scams and has provided updates about its Station Wallet. has denied allegations of user data leakage, clarifying that the data in question was scraped from its public API.