Top 10 memecoins on Base and Degen to watch for

The BASE ecosystem, built on the Optimism stack and backed by Coinbase, aims to onboard one billion users into the crypto economy by making on-chain the next online. The ecosystem has already seen its first $1 billion volume day on BASE. Unlike other ecosystems, BASE is not planning to have a native token, making meme tokens a popular choice to capture the growth of the ecosystem.

Degen Chain, a layer-3 blockchain built on top of Ethereum layer 2, has attracted significant attention and transactional volume since its introduction. Its native DEGEN token has seen a 500% increase in value since its release. The network has recorded nearly $100 million in transactional volumes in the past 24 hours, with over 272,000 unique transactions.

Degen Swap (DSWAP) is the largest token by capitalization on Degen Chain, with a valuation of just over $14 million as of Monday morning.

Non-serious token Degen Pepe (DPEPE) has a higher valuation at $23 million, but is a meme coin with no use beyond speculation.

$BRETT, the largest Base memecoin by market cap, boasts a $404 million fully diluted value at the time of publication. Launched on Feb. 27, $BRETT has experienced a meteoric rise and is considered the frontrunner for the first unicorn coin on the chain.

$TOSHI, with a forthcoming toolbox, aims to be more than just a memecoin. The token is valued at over $14 million and is backed by the community and the strong presence of its mascot, Brian Armstrong’s cat.

$MOCHI, another memecoin on the Base ecosystem, has a market cap of $65.4 million and has received a Coinbase grant. The token’s NFT project, Mochimons, and gaming project Tamamochi add to its value.

$DOGINME, representing the founder’s dog on Farcaster, is the leading canine contender on Base.

$NORMIE, featuring some of the freshest memes and highest-production-value content on the Base blockchain, has experienced a considerable rise since its launch.

$TYBG, a promising altcoin with a focus on technological innovation and scalability, is gaining traction for its robust blockchain network and advanced features. With a strong emphasis on security and efficiency, $TYBG is set to offer users a reliable and high-performance platform for their digital transactions, catering to the growing demand for secure and scalable blockchain solutions.

$MYSTCL, an altcoin shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is capturing the attention of investors with its enigmatic branding and unique value proposition. With a focus on privacy and anonymity, MYSTCL aims to provide users with a secure and confidential platform for their transactions, appealing to those seeking enhanced privacy in the digital realm.