Ubisoft Launches In-Game NFTs On Tezos

Gaming giant Ubisoft is launching Ubisoft Quartz, a new platform that allows gamers to get what they call “Digits”. By and large, these are the same NFT tokens that can be used within the main game.

The Ubisoft Quartz beta release will take place on December 9 in the US, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia, and Brazil. In addition, the company will reward its early players with free Digits. The distribution will take place on December 9, 12, and 15.


Ubisoft’s capitalization is $5.66B, its studios are scattered across 20 countries of the world, and it employs more than 18 thousand people. This is a very large-scale event in the world of NFT, and the explosive growth of the Tezos token (XTZ) is the best proof of that. While the entire market is going through hard times, XTZ has grown by 30% in a day. As a result, its trading volume soared more than 700%, and its total cap increased by $1.4B. As of this writing, it has reached $4,6B.