Unleashing AI in a Novel Crypto Application: Exploring the Intricate Link Between Federal Rates and Bitcoin’s Price

Revolutionary Investment Analytics Firm, Chain of Demand, Harnesses AI Power for Unveiling the Relationship Between Fed Rates and Bitcoin Prices

Pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the finance sector, Chain of Demand, an investment data analytics company based in Hong Kong, introduces a groundbreaking widget that examines the fluctuations in Bitcoin (BTC) prices surrounding U.S. interest rate adjustments, just before the Federal Reserve’s rate announcement on Wednesdays.

Having previously collaborated with prominent financial institutions and data providers like Bloomberg to develop sophisticated machine learning engines, the masterminds behind the Chain of Demand dashboard have now ventured into the realm of AI chatbots, leveraging the widely popular language-recognition engine, ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).

While technology-driven hedge funds typically employ postgraduates with scientific backgrounds to conduct intricate statistical analyses on extensive datasets or utilize natural language processing, the rise of generative AI platforms is democratizing the field and finding an ideal fit within the retail-oriented crypto trading space.

CEO AJ Mak highlighted the significance of providing investors with more than just generic ChatGPT responses when it comes to exploring Bitcoin’s price movements in relation to Federal Reserve rate announcements. He stated, “We incorporate our proprietary datasets and signals into the analysis. For instance, when examining the bitcoin price on the day following the past ten Fed rate announcements, I can then inquire about other factors influencing the price, such as social sentiment indicators surrounding bitcoin or high-value whale transactions exceeding $100,000.”

Mak further revealed that the current Fed rate/bitcoin price pattern modeler serves as a tantalizing preview of what lies ahead. The beta testing phase for Chain of Demand’s dashboard, based in Hong Kong, is underway and is expected to be fully operational within approximately two months.