US Senator Elizabeth Warren is raising an army against cryptocurrencies

One of the most popular U.S. senators, Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), said on Twitter that she would “build an anti-currency army” as part of her new election campaign. She informed subscribers that she would actively fight against this industry. In addition, the representative of the government stressed that her future activities will be focused around this technology industry.

In her latest message, Senator Warren called on her own associates and voters to join her program. She has widely advertised her achievements in the field of countering cryptocurrencies. In addition, the politician focused on other significant achievements, including the provision of over-the-counter hearing aids and reducing the cost of child care in Massachusetts.

Earlier, the Senator has repeatedly stated that in order to maintain economic stability in the United States, it is necessary to completely ban cryptocurrencies in the country. The Massachusetts politician has been actively campaigning and fighting the spread of digital currencies in the United States for several years.

The senator recalled that part of her efforts in countering the cryptocurrency market have already been crowned with success. In December 2022, the Law on Combating Money Laundering in the Field of Digital Assets was adopted.

At the same time, this bill was massively criticized by Republicans, as well as Warren’s associates from the Democratic Party. Numerous participants in the cryptocurrency industry also said that this legislation is directed against the development of blockchain and cryptography technologies, and the Senator herself allegedly did not understand the danger of her actions. In February of this year, Warren promised to resubmit a project that would require all decentralized organizations to comply with strict anti-money laundering requirements.