Vitalik Buterin spoke about the problems of Worldcoin

Vitalik Buterin, a well-known programmer and creator of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, has published a long post on his blog.

He noted that the new digital currency Worldcoin (WLD) has “serious problems”. According to the expert, it will take years to solve them. He claims that the identity verification system used by the project developers “seems to be very valuable.” However, the expert warned that it involves huge risks.

The first problem, according to Vitalik, is related to confidentiality and the process of scanning the iris. Buterin fears that the system collects much more data than it seems at first glance, including a person’s gender, ethnicity and even identifying his possible diseases. By the way, the latest data suggest that up to 200 thousand people a week will be registered in 35 cities around the world during the year. Approximately 2 million people have already subscribed to World ID.

In addition, Buterin said that in the future nothing prevents governments from prohibiting the use of “spheres” for the registration of the iris in their country. In addition, the reverse scenario may occur when the authorities will use this technology to coerce their citizens.

Buterin’s next concern is related to centralization. He noted that Orbs hardware devices are unsafe. Backdoors can be installed into their system, “allowing attackers to create many fake human personalities.” “If at least one Orb is hacked, it can generate an unlimited number of fake iris scan hashes and give them a World ID,” the programmer warned.

Finally, Vitalik warned about general security and stressed that this applies to all identity verification systems, not just Worldcoin. He believes that this technology is still imperfect and many do not realize all the dangers associated with artificial intelligence, 3D printers or the banal sale of World ID on the darknet.