WEF delegates were urged to focus on the regulation of cryptocurrencies

Nigel Green, CEO of the financial management company deVere Group, expressed the opinion that the global lobbying organization the World Economic Forum (WEF) is likely to fail if it does not focus on regulating cryptocurrencies.

The top manager also urged delegates attending the forum to push their governments to act rather than engage in discussions.

The leaders gathered in Davos at the WEF should return home to their governments next week and insist that their financial regulators stop talking and start raising rates to regulate the cryptocurrency market,” the expert added.

Green, who is not an opponent of cryptocurrencies, nevertheless insists on implementing the rules, especially because of several incidents that happened in 2022. In his opinion, the widespread introduction of digital assets by organizations requires the adoption of laws.

In addition, according to Green, the lack of laws makes the crypto sector a threat to the global financial industry. And only within the formal structure of the crypto industry can have a positive impact on the economy of different countries.