How this Blockchain Based Pet Company is Providing Accessibility and Real Life Solutions With their Token.

Pawtocol – the world’s most advanced pet community – is taking a leap towards mass adoption by teaming up with Indacoin, a digital currency exchange.  This move will allow pet lovers to have instant access on to purchase Pawtocol’s token UPI with credit and debit cards. 

“By providing easy access to UPI, our community will be able to access the diverse Pawtocol ecosystem,” says Karim Quazzani, CEO of Pawtocol. “This will better the lives of animals all over the world.”

Indacoin CBDO, Guilherme Jovanovic says: “We’re always looking for promising projects aiming to disrupt the industry and take an unexpected take on blockchain implementation. Pawtocol is a great example of such a company, so we can’t wait to introduce UPI to the new audience.” 

Pawtocol is currently launching its app which is ready for release after review in the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store and will be live shortly.  After downloading the app, a user will be able to register by scanning the QR Code of their revolutionary Blockchain Pet Tag and put the pet on the Blockchain – the first company to do so. 

Users will be able to create NFTs of pets. This is especially beneficial for shelters and rescues. In a first-of-its-kind program and debut, Pawtocol has already teamed up with Costa Rican animal rescues to create profiles of pets as an NFT (non-fungible token) and sell them in the marketplace to raise funds for virtual adoption. 

Potato is the first shelter cat ever to receive an NFT. She was raised in a prison where she had been beaten. Now, six months of shelter love later at Gatitos al Rescate, she is starting to gain confidence and is ready for both her virtual adoption and a forever home.

Pawtocol is confident that her NFT will raise awareness of her plight. Plus, they predict this NFT will have high value as it is a first of its kind. 

The same goes for Manchita, who is the first shelter dog ever to receive an NFT. She’s from Asociación Animales de Asis and is a 14-year-old disabled mixed breed who has been in a shelter for 10 years. She only has the use of her front legs. Her NFT is also expected to fetch a high price and those funds will help her with her special needs care, and get her some wheels for mobility – and help her find a forever home!

They are also in talks with the biggest players in the NFT world to put celebrity pets on the blockchain. The money raised can be donated to the celebrity cause whether it be shelters or a charity. 

Pawtocol has other use cases for UPI:


  • Their search engine, created by Pawtocol and made for pet lovers allows users to collect UPI simply by searching like they would on Google. 

    For example, If an advertiser wants to reach a user, they have to pay Pawtocol sends an automatic percentage to animal rescues and the remaining amount they split with a user who can either donate all of the UPI to the animal rescue (there is an easy-to-click donate button in the web browser) or keep it.If a user chooses to donate it to a particular animal rescue, the amount is put towards activating a pet’s Blockchain Pet Tag and onboarding them with Pawtocol’s Know Your Pet feature, giving the rescue animal a permanent ID on the blockchain.


  • Users can also keep UPI and use it on the Pawtocol ecosystem for buying products from Pawtocol pet friendly businesses. They can select items such as free vet visits or toys and food from ethical manufacturers and suppliers. More products and services will be announced as the Pawtocol ecosystem grows. 


  • Pawtocol has joined forces with the esteemed Miami Animal Clinic as well as EZVets, which has plans to expand into 400 locations. The pilot program works with EZVets mobile veterinarian as well as walk-ins at one of their high-tech clinics. Pawtcol is launching the first-ever clinic that accepts UPI as a form of payment

In conclusion, Pawtocol delivers many use cases for its token for the diverse facets of its company. By teaming up with Indacoin, they have made it even easier for the community to acquire UPI and enjoy the benefits of Pawtocol.

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