Professions of the future in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which niche to occupy?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have given the world many opportunities, although many may not realize it, do not notice it, or even deny it. 

First of all, for people from anywhere in the world, there is an opportunity to self-actualize and acquire financial independence with a balanced approach to investment and self-control. Of course, there are also gambling enthusiasts who have lost a fortune on cryptocurrencies and are now convinced that the whole industry is just a bloated bubble, although they only lack the knowledge that would allow them to multiply their capital without any incredible labor costs.

On the other hand, blockchain technology, known for its reliability, has already come in handy in many industries. In fact, the blockchain is a decentralized database, secure and fast, in medicine, for example, it is used to maintain a medical record of patients so that every doctor from any hospital can immediately get acquainted with the entire medical history and prescribe appropriate treatment. 

In the real estate industry, you can easily check the owner of a house or apartment before making a deal, all documents and agreements are transparent and protected from forgery. With the help of a smart contract, you can buy real estate in one point of the world, while being in another and this is a reality, this has already happened, while the notary certified the transaction with a digital signature of the transaction in the blockchain.

Separately, we can highlight the use of blockchain in the supply chains of goods, where the technology provides complete protection against counterfeit products due to the fact that the state of the product can be tracked at all stages of transportation.

Already at this stage, you can track the potential of the technology that came to this world thanks to the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.

Examples of how to realize yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies today?

For many, the cryptocurrency industry is not clear and some people tend to think that it is either some kind of worldwide conspiracy, or it is an area in which you need to have good technical knowledge to succeed. In fact, this is not the case and anyone can find a place for themselves in the industry.

It is generally believed that the cryptocurrency market is a haven for successful traders and investors. 

This is true, traders can find several thousand liquid cryptocurrency assets on the market, which can be traded on hundreds of different platforms. Many people begin to learn trading, take special courses and subsequently receive a stable income, which can not only feed them, but also lead to great success.

Investors are those people who do not have the time or desire to engage in trading, but at the same time there is a strong confidence in the prospects of cryptocurrencies, fueled by the facts that digital assets are the future. They have capital and invest their funds for a long time in cryptocurrencies and, of course, in Bitcoin, the most profitable asset that allows you to multiply this very capital several times without significant labor costs.

But the options don’t end there. 

There are cryptocurrency miners who use the cleaning capacity of specialized equipment to mine digital assets.

The service sector also has a lot to offer for newcomers to the industry. For example, if you develop a profitable trading or investment strategy that could not only interest other people, but also bring them profit, then this can be turned into a mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, Anton Katin has founded the consulting company TRES in Cryptovalley in Switzerland, which offers clients a very wide range of services, having a team of traders, analysts, psychologists, lawyers, accountants, programmers. By the way, here you can also see a list of professions representatives of which can find a job in the cryptocurrency industry.

Every blockchain startup or even industry giant may need a programmer. For traders, programmers invent algo-bots or other bots that allow you to make a profit in a more or less automated way. 

Talented entrepreneurs can implement all their ideas and get the necessary amounts of funding at the very early stages of the project’s inception. Having a background in the form of enterprise management, knowledge in law, management, marketing, audit, banking, finance, accounting, even in construction and more, Anton Katin, for example, in Switzerland, in addition to a consulting company, was able to establish a Bitcoin storage Simba.Storage, which is popular among investors, taking care of the reliability and security of storing their funds.

In the cryptocurrency market, you can observe a huge abundance of information that an individual will not be able to cover fully. This opens the door for content-makers who, having the skills to compose and design the content, can write reviews, articles, posts in Telegram channels and receive decent pay for it.

The constant appearance of new products and changing trends leads to the need to obtain high-quality analytics that reveal in detail the whole essence of both individual projects and the entire market situation.

Even those who are not interested in any of the above prospects can simply become intermediaries, for example, by leasing space for miners, reselling equipment, actively participating in referral programs, exchange operations, and so on.

Professions of the future

It is also possible to identify the professions of the future that will be connected with the blockchain in one way or another and will affect such industries as security, IT, management, social sphere, financial sector, medicine, and so on.

Personal safety planners will evaluate and design a person’s life based on all potential risks, whether based on a predisposition to any diseases or the likelihood that a person may get into an accident. Simulations of situations and their analysis will require a large, fast and secure database, which can be offered by blockchain technology.

Designers of neural interfaces will be responsible for technologies that allow you to control various equipment, in particular, computers and robots by interacting with the human nervous system. Microsoft has already patented the technology of mining cryptocurrencies using the activity of the human body, and for the digital asset industry, these technologies have particularly great prospects. Neural interfaces in general are designed to help humanity, for example, by allowing people to communicate without words, and blockchain technology has every chance to become the basis for building new developments in this direction.

Smart environment cyber technicians will be responsible for the security of individual network segments that will be separated from the world wide web. Automation in these processes is not able to fully eliminate the need for the presence of people in them. When talking about networks, currently, first of all, everyone thinks about blockchains, which are known for their high bandwidth and scalability.

Multi-currency translators will organize systems for exchanging traditional assets, currencies and alternative currencies, including digital ones. You can see how the number of services that allow, for example, to exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies is constantly growing. Gradually, with the growing popularity of digital assets, all services and exchangers will represent one huge ecosystem in which everyone will be able to exchange absolutely any thing or service for alternative currencies. Specialists who are able to build such a system will be in demand, and the system itself will be based on the blockchain, as the most optimal and secure technology for that scale.

Community development program coordinators will be able to organize and maintain communication between projects from different countries and industries, helping to form long-term goals and adhere to plans for joint investments, both in production capacity and in people. The ability to exchange resources through the built ecosystem of exchange for currencies and assets on the blockchain will allow you to achieve a qualitative breakthrough in the management and interaction of projects from different parts of the world.

Manager of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting platforms is one of the most relevant professions in the cryptocurrency industry today. Now, when there is a widespread adoption of digital assets, every day there are more and more investment platforms for raising funds for the development of new projects. Such platforms allow everyone to feel like an investor and support a new project. At the moment, this can even be called a popular trend, as a result of which the demand for managers who organize the work of these platforms is also growing.

IT medics will create and manage databases of physiological data based on the blockchain. Their responsibilities will also include the development of software for high-tech medical equipment. In turn, it is the blockchain that will allow you to process and analyze the entire data array as quickly as possible.

All of the above options will become the professions of the future, when the cryptocurrency market will become the most popular in the world. Everyone who is already involved in the industry in one way or another will have sufficient knowledge and skills to be at the top of the career ladder. 

Of course, all the main activity will be focused around Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency. Investors who have made a timely decision to purchase Bitcoins in the future will become the main beneficiaries, because in addition to the profit from the constant increase in the price of the asset, they will be able to be at the center of the entire industry, having a higher influence on the course of events.

Although this perspective is long-term, at this stage it is a profitable contribution to the future. There are not many reliable storage facilities for storing Bitcoins today. Simba.Storage offers all the advantages of hot and cold storage with the maximum degree of protection. 

If you compare it with the Bakkt Warehouse, located in the United States, Simba.Storage, first of all, has a more flexible storage system, providing customers with tokens of the ERC20 SIMBA standard for Bitcoins left in the storage, and secondly, is under the jurisdiction of Switzerland, which is one of the leaders in the development of the cryptocurrency industry and has a loyal legislation in relation to digital assets. 

Accordingly, SIMBA tokens can be used for all types of transactions, including cross-border ones, which is convenient for cases of an emergency need for quick access to cryptocurrency funds — this is usually not possible with exceptionally cold storage, because it involves finding funds on a physical medium, access to which takes time. Here lies the advantage of combining cold and hot storage.

The location of the vault in the “Cryptovalley” in Zug, where the most promising startups and all the giants of the industry are located, is also an advantage, allowing Simba.Storage to access the most advanced technologies and receive additional support from key industry representatives.

Returning to the issue of the profession of the future, it can be argued that whatever sphere of life they do not relate to, one way or another they will be associated with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.