Nordek Sponsors “Bitcoin – Decentralized No Matter What”: A VIP Documentary Screening & Crypto Conference in Monaco

Nordek, the cutting-edge blockchain platform revolutionizing sustainable adoption of decentralized technologies, announces its sponsorship of the exclusive event “Bitcoin – Decentralized No Matter What” scheduled for May 24th, 2023, in Monaco. Hosted at the elite One Monte-Carlo conference center, this occasion comprises an insightful documentary screening, a comprehensive crypto conference, and an engaging networking session for an esteemed audience of 100 VIP guests.

Championing Decentralization and Preparing for Tomorrow

Conceived and coordinated by blockchain experts Anna Tutova, Alexander Belov of Coinstelegram, and Sandro Trovato of DataComm, the event offers attendees an in-depth exploration of the Bitcoin and wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. It features a screening of their new documentary detailing the trajectory of Bitcoin, from its nascent stages to its current global phenomenon status.

This illuminating film boasts perspectives from influential figures in the sector such as Changpeng Zhao CZ (co-founder Binance), H.E. Justin Sun (Tron DAO), Charles Hoskinson (Founder IOHK, Cardano), Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder Polygon), Sebastien Borget (co-Founder Sandbox), and Sergej Kunz (co-Founder 1inch). The documentary has already made a substantial impact on the crypto community, amassing over 100,000 views on YouTube just three weeks after its release.

The event’s timing harmoniously aligns with the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Formula1 Grand Prix, ensuring an impressive setting and promising an influx of notable attendees from various industries.

Unveiling the Crypto Universe like Never Before

Nordek’s support for this event is a reflection of its commitment to advancing the web3 space. As a DPoS blockchain platform dedicated to speed, scalability, and security, Nordek is at the forefront of the shift towards decentralized payments and GameFi dApps. Nordek has established itself as a powerful force in the blockchain arena with its unwavering commitment to process optimization, scalability, and security. The platform enables developers to build fast, scalable, and secure applications for gaming and payments, thereby catering to a diverse range of use cases and sectors.

Inviting Participation in a Profound Crypto Conversation

The event will also serve as an exceptional networking forum, offering attendees the chance to interact with industry pioneers. Some of the confirmed influencers include Carl the Moon, Evan Luthra, Sacha Jafri, Eunice D Wong, and Jessica Walker.

The COO for Nordek, Sonny Mohanty, said, “This event is not just about honoring the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, it’s about delving into the future prospects that lie in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We’re thrilled to be a part of this gathering that we believe will spark dynamic discussions and cultivate enduring alliances.”

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into the rapidly evolving domain of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. To reserve your VIP seat or inquire about sponsorship prospects, reach out to

The Nordek Ecosystem

Nordek is an efficient DPoS blockchain designed primarily for payments and GameFi. As a blockchain that’s both developer and consumer-friendly, Nordek delivers high-speed, scalable, and secure solutions, facilitating the creation and deployment of gaming and payment applications.

Nordek’s ambition is to nurture a high-performance Defi and GameFi ecosystem, supporting scalable dApps with rapid throughput, low cost, and no possibility of technical failure. Moreover, Nordek is breaking new ground in payment solutions, working in fiat-only settings to provide DeFi-like liquidity in a TradFi environment.

These solutions underline Nordek’s dedication to expanding the applications of cryptocurrencies beyond exchanges, wallets, and DAOs, thereby reimagining the web3 space.

About Nordek

Nordek is a pioneering DPoS blockchain platform committed to facilitating the mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies. By integrating decentralization, scalability, and security, Nordek empowers developers to create payments and GameFi dApps that are forward-compatible with the future of finance. Nordek’s innovative products and solutions are redefining the web3 space, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of blockchain.

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