At war with investors? What does a founder need to know about VCs‘ business objectives and risk appetite?

We conduct the panel, during which Alexey Alexanov, General Partner, Cabra VC Oscar Ramos, Partner & Managing Director of Chinaccelerator Tobias Bauer, Principal, Blockchain Founders Fund Aman Ghei, Partner, Finch Capital Christian Cameir, Managing Partner, Sustany Capital will share their thoughts on the below topics:

Why do conflicts of VCs and founders arise? How can VCs and founders’ interests misalign after fundraising? One bid for a founder instead of a portfolio of companies for VCs. How does it make a difference? Great home runs instead of nice small returns: why VCs may not accept a sweet but small strategic buyer

Write off or not write off: when the decision about writing off the company is taken.

  • What if VC has a competitor in the portfolio?
  • Should conflicts be managed?
  • Can both sides turn a conflict into a win-win?
  • If conflict isn’t handled: an opportunity cost

Real life cases when the founders and VCs may have different views and how they were solved.

Place and date: 26 August, 11 a.m. EST (New York), 5 p.m. CET (Europe) Zoom.

We charge a symbolic amount to make sure you appreciate the material. Works for us!

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