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It’s critical to choose the cryptocurrency trading platform that’s right for you if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. Large exchanges offer a wide variety of coins, a variety of security systems, both organizational and technical, and high trading liquidity at the same time. As a result, asset prices are reasonably steady and not prone to significant fluctuations induced by high-value transactions.

The following are the metrics used to assess the size of an exchange: 

  1. Average monthly trade volume 
  2. Number of crypto assets
  3. Number of crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs. 

Let’s take a look at, one of the most rapidly expanding crypto platforms that offers crypto options trading, a service that is not offered on many exchanges. Brief Overview

The platform was launched in August 2020, making it a comparatively fresh project. offers spot, options, and futures markets for cryptocurrencies and is registered in the Seychelles. Wu Jihan, the cofounder of industry heavyweightsBitmain and Matrixport, is the company’s cofounder.

Clients can access using their Matrixport logins. Furthermore, you can transfer assets to other users swiftly and without fees. In addition to trading crypto-derivatives like options and futures, offers a variety of other services.‘s main advantages are security and margin models. These are critical characteristics of cryptocurrency trading, and the exchange readily ensures institutional-level security and efficiency. As a result, the platform safeguards your investment while boosting productivity.

Getting to know the team

But who knows the platform better than the folks behind it? Our conversation with‘s Chief Marketing Officer, Toya Zhang, was a real treat. In order to help present and potential users, she has graciously consented to answer a few essential questions and provide some basic information on “How to start with” 

  1. What’s the story behind

After the successful launch of Martixport, one of the largest crypto asset management firms, the founding teamWu Jihan observed that Crypto Options had a huge market potential. The fact that Structured products have real market demand as compared to leveraged hyped or lending hyped high yield products.

  1. Can we get more details on UM (Unified Margin) and Portfolio Margin?

The Unified Margin (UM) function, which is essentially an advanced trading and risk management system using a single account, is what really sets apart from the competition. Numerous spot, features, margins, perpetual, and options trading opportunities are made available to clients. 

To elaborate, all collateral cryptocurrencies in one’s unified account are shared as USDT denominated margin through the use of their Unified Margin accounts in order to improve capital use and prevent various potential liquidation related concerns. Cryptocurrency derivatives called USDT Margined Futures give customers the option to take long or short positions and profit from changes in the value of their underlying asset. 

For Portfolio Margin (PM), the platform performs complex computations to determine the most likely loss that might be sustained by a portfolio given a number of different hypotheses in order to provide an assessment of the level of risk posed by your portfolio. You will be able to locate the various risk parameters on the “Portfolio Margin” page of the exchange once the PM account has been activated and the page has been loaded. 

When compared to regular models, the PM model is more beneficial to individuals that perform a significant amount of hedging.

Can you tell more information about Cactus Custody for institutional investors?

Cactus Custody is the qualified institutional custodian brand of Matrixport and main custodial provider for So different from most of the exchanges, is actually using third-party custody to safeguard users’ asset. 

Cactus Custody offers secure, open, and effective institutional custodial services in the age of the internet. Built with enterprise-grade crypto management tools and value-added financial services supported by cutting-edge infrastructure and system security design that can handle a wide range of business situations, Cactus Custody currently safeguards over $10 billion in digital assets for over 130 institutional clients. 

  1. Regarding the referral program. What is required for participation, and how can I use coupons?

After you’ve claimed the sign-up coupons and completed the various tasks to unlock additional coupons, you can use them to offset trading fees on our platform. 

You can earn even more FREE crypto on by joining our referral program and getting other traders to register on the platform.

The steps are simple: 

  • Login to your account
  • On this page, you’ll find your invitation link, code and promo poster
  • Get people to register on with your link
  • When they trade, you’ll earn 40% trading fee rebates from your referrals
  • Your crypto referral rewards are paid out daily into your account. you can then trade with the coins, withdraw them or sell them – it’s completely up to you!
  1.‘s trade fees system looks unusual, can you provide more information on it?

No matter which trader category you are a part of,‘s fees are significantly lower than the industry average. 

Taker and maker fees for contracts traded on a global average were 0.063 percent for takers and 0.018 percent for makers. For takers, costs 0.05 percent, and for creators, it charges 0.01 percent. They are therefore far lower than either of the averages in terms of the fees associated with contract tradin. Extremely competitive indeed! 

  1. Could you please explain how the ambassador program works?’s ambassador program has 3 tiers for ambassadors to earn a base salary ranging from $508-$1088 and trading fee rebates from 40-80%. Anyone who has a community of 1000+ followers or business development potential is welcome to join as long as they are able to promote communication and development within their communities. We want to build a loyal fan base for by empowering ambassadors to acquire new users and earn, manage communities, organize events and create content all while promoting the brand. We feel that this will allow more flexibility and a personalized touch to smaller communities across different markets.  

  1. What countries does work in? operates globally across all jurisdictions except Singapore, Hong Kong, China, UK, USA and Canada. 

  1. What are you currently working on, and what project development plans does your team have? is very excited to launch the USD-margined options soon. Historically, options have been offered only as coin-margined in the crypto space. It is tough to calculate the PnL and hard to scale, meaning adding altcoin options. By converting to USD-margined, traditional finance people will be more familiar with and willing to join. This has the potential to further scale up the options market size and supports more varieties of structured products for users.