Bitcoin Ultimatum team announced the launch of the BTCU Mainnet

Bitcoin Ultimatum team is proud to announce that the BTCU Mainnet is now up and running. This is the culmination of more than a year of hard work by the entire team, developers, advisors, and of course, the entire BTCU community who have supported BTCU on this journey.

The launch marks our most important milestone to date. However, this is still just the beginning!

The team is intending to fulfill all our promises by making blockchain technology an integral part of daily lives. From Asset Tokenization to Rights Management, Supply chain and document flow to Cross-border Payments, Governance and Real Estate to Fintech, healthcare, and more.

Prior to the launch, the Orion network was developed as the official platform for testing and evaluating the performance of the network and its ecosystem.

Participants can check their BTCU accrual in the explorer on:
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