Blockchain and Youth Summit

The « Blockchain and Youth Summit » is set to take place on March 5-6 2023 in Dubai, UAE. This is the place where Finance meets Blockchain.
This event is part of the celebratory occasion of the 50 years anniversary of Switzerland and United Arab Emirates diplomatic relations. The event is organized by Carter Capital, a crypto asset management company with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss Business Council to the UAE.

During the last 50 years, Switzerland & the UAE has enjoyed a fantastic business relationship which has given rise to many successful companies and innovations.

The next 50 years will be driven by new technologies such as Blockchain, as well as young entrepreneurs.

The « Blockchain and Youth Summit » will facilitate connections between Blockchain and Youth-led companies and Investors, Strategic Partners corporations, regulators and Media. World class speakers and international business leaders will lead though-provoking panel discussions, as well as many networking and investment opportunities for start-ups and VC investors.

The Blockchain and Youth Summit is a unique opportunity for Swiss and Emirati Blockchain and Youth-led companies and focused VC investors to connect and foster the next 50 years of innovation between Switzerland and UAE.

The Blockchain and Youth Summit brings together over 150 selected attendees and 30 speakers to learn about the latest developments, trends, and innovations in the field. The conference features company présentations, and a variety of panel discussions on the business of Blockchain and networking events.

Previous speakers include H.E. Massimo Baggi, Ambassador of Switzerland, Peter Harradine, Président of the Swiss Business Council, Joel Dietz, Founding member of Ethereum, Jorge Sebastiao, Co-founder Ecox, Michael Lane, Partner Swiss Group Legal, Gustavo A. Montero Chairman/Founder and Bilal Ahmed Mir CEO/Founder Carter Capital.

Opportunities are now open to get involved as a sponsor, company, media partner, or speaker.